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Which is 'Prospekt's March' meaning for you?

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Hello friends!!! Specially to 'The Fixer', well here is a new thread, about the meaning i give to Prospekt's March, well and here it is:


The first part of the song, about "smoke is rising form the houses", I thinkit refers to the sunrise, or a moment in the morning, 'cause you know when the sun is rising in themorning, from all places it rises also a kind of "fog", I associate this to the beginning of something, maybe by the context of the song, to the change of the society, the beginning of a new era.


In the next line, "people bury in their dead", it's so clear, I think it refers to the end of the "past times", because when the life of somebody ends the body is buried, the past line of the song talks about a new beginning so, this one should be the end.


The next two lines, "I ask somebody what the time is-but time doesn't matter to them yet", I think is because he (Chris in this case) feels a little alone, because he's different from all the society, he cares about 'time' but he doesn't know exactly what it is and he's trying to discover it maybe here the time is like the life, so he's trying to discover what life is and maybe why's so difficult.


In the next part, "People talking without speaking", he listens that the society is saying something, he knows they're talking, but nobody says anything, no one has the answer for his question, and he's feeling confuse.


"Trying to take what they can't get", people always is after something, but even when teh people knows that they can't achieve some things, peoplr always try to take it from one way or another, and it doesn't mater who they destroy to achieve it, so itis so clear too, and I totally think it's all about the society.


The next two lines, "I ask you if you remember-Prospekt how could I forget?", Maybe he's talking to himself, or to his innerself, he's Prospekt because he's exactly that, a prospekt for the life, somebody that wants to change, that wants to be different, but I have another understanding for it, maybe he met the love in another person, and he's told her this story, and he asks her, If she remembers it, and she says, Prospekt (becaus ehe's her love prospekt, he's different form everybody else, he's special) how could I forget?. If this is relationed to the first two lines, maybe it refers to the beginning of the relation, the end of another.


"Drums, here it comes", here I think is a little obvious, drums are before a presentation, or before something important, and here it comes means to the change in my first interpretation, and in the second one, means exactly the same, the change in the relationship.


"Don't you wish your life could be as simple, as fishes swimming 'round in a barrel when you've got the gun?" Here means that he, or maybe his 'love' wishes that the life could be esier, that he/she could control everything in his/her life, and this is an important part from the first lines, he's talking about life the life I took as the time in the beginning of the song.


"Oh and I run" He's scaping from the society, I think so


"here it comes" the same, just that here it comes.


"We'e just two little figures in a soup bowl" In my first interpretation, it refers to himself and his innerself, they're just two little figures in comparison with all the else society, and in teh second only changes he and his love, are just two little persons too.


"Trying to get behind a kind of control" They're trying to get behind the control of the society they're trying to change, to be different, and trying to make their own control.


"But I wasn't one" He's not completely alone, he's with his innerself, or with his love.


"But here I lie on my own in a separate sky" But he's there, alone with himself, or alone with his love (when you really love a person is said that you and your couple are justone), in a separate sky, because of their difference, the society does not accepts him/them.


"I don't wanna die on my own here tonight" He doesn't want to be alone when the society puts him apart, he feels alone for being different, because of the society, and he needs himself or his 'love' for not be dead alone.


Well this is my interpretation, I feel veryidentificated with this song forsome thing ofmy life, and I gave the second interpretation because I'm in love so, I hope you enjoyitand youleave another interpretations, I'd like to see some, to share ideas ya' know.


Thanks... I LOVE YOU PATY...



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I see it as him describing someone at war.


He first describes a damaged village caused by fire


Time doesn't mean anything here


Drums - The War is about to beginning.


Here it comes - They are coming


One vs One - soup bowl - one team vs another


I lie on my own in a seperate sky - he has been injured, he is alone...i would describe more but im in rush byeeee

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Well I think that this song Prospekt March is so depressed but I like it.


The first line when he says "Smoke is rising from the houses" here I think that he believes they are in war, and they are burning houses. He feels destroyed inside.


The second line "People burying in their death" i think he means that since there was a war, everybody is burying their people could be family, loved ones, with a feeling of such loneliness.


When he says "I ask somebody what the time is, but time doesn't matter to them yet", I think he means that he is the only one who cares about time, like if he was different, he sees a war coming and everybody don't care about it, because when a person you loved dies, something inside dies with you, so they really don't care. In that moment they just want to spend time thinking and remembering the ones they loved, but someday they'll have to wake up because time never stops, a war is coming and they got to prepare.


When he says "People talking without speaking, trying to take what they can get", I think here he refers that all the people is becoming insane. Everybody is talking, not for other people to hear them, but for them to bring out the feeling trying to get out of their minds the loved ones, and they really don't care if they are shouting or taking things away, they just want to go back to how they were before, but they can't find it.


When he says "I ask you if you remember, prospekt how could I forget", here I think he is asking to a neighbor or person in a street in a nostalgic way if he or she remembers his/her loved ones and exactly what happened to them in that fire, and they respond to him that prospekt how could I forget, meaning that they will never forget.


When he sings "Drums here it comes, yeah don't you wish that life could be as simple, as fish swimming around in a barrel when you've got the gun?" Here he refers that the war is getting closer, and when he watches all this people feeling sad, doing anything to go back to how they were before the war, he thinks to himself that life is never going to be easy or to be how we expected to be. There would be times in which for every single person in earth would have difficult times. There would be times in which control would not be in our hands.


The next stanza "Oh and I run, Here it comes, We're just two little figures in a soup bowl

Trying to get behind a kind of control, But I wasn't one" here he means that he runs with the rest of the people, trying to escape from the enemies. When he hides, he notice that all people were doing the same, trying to hide and take things to protect themselves, but at the same time he watches the enemies bigger than them. He saw how people wanted control and how they were fighting for their lives, but they just couldn't, and he was different from the rest.


In the last stanza when he says" Now here I lie, On my own in a separate sky, And here I lie

On my own in a separate sky, I don't wanna die ,On my own here tonight, But here I lie, On my own in a separate sky..." He means that he escaped and took another way different from the rest of the people, and now he's lost. He doesn't know if the enemies are still alive and if they are maybe they are going to find him alone and they are gong to kill him. He is scared to die alone.


I just gave my opinion for this song. I think this song is great, well all of their songs are great. Every song has a good different meaning.:)

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SO basically I read some very interesting things. I'm so frustrated my super long message just got deleted and no I have to type it all over again :( :angry:.

Anyways I'll cut to the chase. I think he's talking about a previous life he had as a soldier and that when he says "prospekts how did I forget" he talks about himself now, and it surely must've been an important time of his previous life that he somehow recalled in this life. To support my point, I think that in the songs glass of water and violet hill the same PREautobiography comes back. In glass of water he talks about seeing an oracle and seeing the future. At a certain point when you can see your future i'm guessing you can see your past right. And I think that in violet hill he talks about his death as a soldier in the 19th century "falling down the house". I think all the songs that are related to this album talks about himself and what he was and what he is trying to discover. Well, all the other answers are in the song if you like for what he did in prospekts march. Plus in the first songs, some questions in " what if" engage this sort of theme. I'm sure he looked for a meaning, to clear all the doubts in his head and now has realised it. And in one of his prevoius lives he talks about him as a soldier in the albums VLVAADAAHF and propsekt's march. thanks for reading !!

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Its an incredible song and very much emotionally charged. I can't personally put into words what it means to me though. Best line is "Don't you wish your life could be as simple, as fishes swimming 'round in a barrel when you've got the gun?".

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