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The Band similar to Coldplay!


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Please help me!! Love Coldplay with all my heart, but is there any other band I can love even close? :)


I mean, 95 percent of all the music I listen is Coldplay.:laugh3:.and I decided to give a go to some other rock band. I occasionaly listen to hard rock, Placebo, Offspring, rock-pop like Robbie Williams, Timberlake (yeah!) and Rob Thomas...


But any other rock band?:cool:


Tried U2, not really... I think lyrics are not my type.. What album should I give a go? they have so many..:dozey:


Oasis - big no! couple of good songs, rest is too noisy, not touching..:\


Green Day - good, like it actually, but its more like punk - rock..:confused:


Maybe Keane? tried couple of songs now, pretty good!! Thinking of buying an album...:P


What would you advice, what do you listen to? :):D

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Right these are some of the band I listen to, not necessarily similar to Coldplay:


Radiohead - In Rainbow and OK Computer <<< inspired Coldplay

The Rifles - No Love Lost (only had one release so far <<< Brit Rock @ it's best

The Kooks - Konk <<< Decent

Muse - Absolution, Black Holes & Revelation <<<< Very good!

MGMT - Orcular Spectacular <<<< A love em or hate em band

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Oh, thank you so so much guys :)... Ok, my list to try out so far is :

Travis, Keane, Rifles, Kooks, Muse.

Maybe give one more chance to Green Day


No Radiohead - dont like the sound much :(..


Im really surprised that noone here listens to u2 ;)

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Sigur Ros << surreal, beautiful, haunting, genius

Snow patrol << kinda like Keane, good

Lifehouse << decent

Queen <<classic

Dave matthews band <<nice

Fiction plane <<agreable (it's Sting's son band ^^) Kinda sound like Police



As for U2, try the best of called 'U218 Singles'

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No Radiohead - dont like the sound much :(..


Neither do I.;)


Im really surprised that noone here listens to u2 ;)


I've always quite liked U2, and elements of VLV sound U2-ish owing to the Eno involvement. However, generally speaking, I think their sound is very different and has a harder edge.

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maybe Snow PAtrol lacks deep sense, but lyrics are good :


"And it's beginning to get to me

That I know more of the stars and sea

Than I do of what's in your head

Barely touching in our cold bed


It's so thrilling but also wrong

Don't have to prove that you are so strong

'Cause I can carry you on my back

After our enemies attack


I tried to tell you before I left

But I was screaming under my breath

You are the only thing that makes sense

Just ignore all this present tense..."



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don't that thread should be on WoM sub-forum :thinking:


the ones i would advice you have been said already (Snow Patrol, Travis, The Kooks...), but i think you do nothing bad listening to some older bands may be... why not bands that Coldplay have said they like/admire :idea2: for instance: Echo and The Bunnymen or The Verve, just an idea.


I think if you say what you'd like to listen may be we can advice you better...

for instance i like some bands just for their kind of classical style (mainly for piano songs/parts) like The Fray, The Feeling, Counting Crows :uhoh:


For more rock bands i prefer: Placebo, The Raconteurs, Jet...

Others: Mattafix, Mike Oldfield, Seth Lakeman


May be check the Mixtape Exchange thread will help you to get to new bands. :)


:o I didn't knew that there are Fiction Plane fans here :o

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:o I didn't knew that there are Fiction Plane fans here :o

I can't say I'm a 'fan' but I like them ^___^ Good to hear from time to time ^^ (and I like very much daddy's music too...)


And another add to the list, some are not 'bands' but still very good:


Jeff Buckley, my music god, the one and only http://www.deezer.com/track/558616

Tori Amos, brilliant, amazing performer and pianist http://www.deezer.com/track/860392

AaRon (french group but sing in english), beautiful... http://www.deezer.com/track/620544

The servant http://www.deezer.com/track/729894

Razorlight http://www.deezer.com/track/73495

Stereophonics http://www.deezer.com/track/1415

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