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good movies


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Requiem for a Dream



I almost did cry during Philadelphia, such a moving film


I'll check out Requiem for A Dream, I have heard of it before


one flew over the cuckoos nest,

definitely that movie



I also want to add to anyone else looking for a movie like this, John Q. (with Denzel Washington) is the perfect tear-jerker movie

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john q is an amazing film.


One flew over the cuckoos nest is a great film.


read the book sometime, its good too:)



The bucket list is a good one.


oh and about schmidt..


I dunno if these are good ones actually... mainly cuz i just cry in alot of films.

I rarely cry in films but John Q made me weepy, so did Remember the Titans the first time I saw it


I want toi read Cuckoos Nest book someday



And I bet Id like Bucket List cuz I love "Say" (song John Mayer wrote for the movie)

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