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This Year in Short!

Glossal Fragster

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Right okay basically in this thread You can just say stuff about what you did this year or just anything about this year BORED!


For example you could say something like:


In january i crossed the channel, In march i discovered the cure for the common cold, in august i met barack obama and he told me i was going to be the future of the world and in december i read a forum post that bored me to death about talking about stuff you done this year and that.




So yeah if you wanna post, post! if you don't wanna post , don't!



P.S. you may have noticed that through this post i have been sending you very subtle messages about how i am feeling right now...but im pretty sure no-one has the ability to see them.

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very subtle messages about how you're feeling right now? :uhoh: WHERE?



:lol: this year huh. well.. :thinking:

january - march: 9 months long ex boyfriend breakup recovery. no fun. :mean:

march (spring break): effin' awesome. :dance: i will never forget those 2 weeks in mexico. :lol:

april, may: idunno. :thinking:

summer: :rolleyes: daniel - new boyfriend. - yuk. that one is gone too. :D :lol:




december: stressed about finals. :bigcry: excided about my bdaay partay tonight. :nice:

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I had an operation on my leg which saw me happening to my leg:




for four months and having to have crutches!


Thats shti man :(


I had to wear something like this




for 8 bloody months! and i was unable to twist or bend for that time and i now have metal rods holding my back together (this is like "i've got better scars than you! :lol:)

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jan-feb: i was some weeks with my grandma :nice: i did some exams here.

march: i've visited many castles :dance:

april: discovered DF music :singer: + attended parties at NB

may: meet many cool people at a DF concert. + went to visit some cities in Portugal.

june: finished my erasmus in portugal :bigcry: , but still had to do september exams here which some of them i did failed. :\ a friend of mine let me use his guitar as he didn't used it then.

july-august: practices which i generally enjoyed

july: attended two double concerts in my city :dance:

september: exams + my bday which was really a normal day + my first coldplay concert in barcelona and i met Daryl (bart). :D

october: my friend needs his guitar. :bigcry:

november: gone to madrid to see DF live, i got my first job, teaching a kid almost daily on the evening.

december: got a so nice xmas present. :blush: may i'll get another guitar, thinking now of Washburn. :idea2:


i don't remember much more things now. :thinking:

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I had an operation on my leg which saw me happening to my leg:




for four months and having to have crutches!


OUCH!! :shocked2:

I only had a torn ligament this year and therefore had my first contact with NHS (happened in London).


Poor you. Glad to hear it's all good now.


English crutches are the best!!

They go round your arm so they won't fall down when you lift your arm etc.

I was making "Tucker" impersonations from "There's Something About Mary" all the time :lol:

(We have different crutches in Germany)

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Well my year started rather bad :( 'cause a friend of mine went to Newzealand for one year and I don't hear much from her.

The good thing is :wacko: that she'll come back at on the 7.1.2009 :) and I'm exited of this. :D


Then, I can't remember the exact date, I became addicted to Coldplay and some months later I signed up at this weird place! :drunk:


Two weeks before my summer holidays my grandpa died :cry:. I was very :bigcry:sad but at least it was better for him because he had dementia, wasn't able to walk in the end, he had a lung cancer and he is quasi choked because of water in his lungs. But it was good that he got unconscious so he didn't suffer.


:smug: I went to the first concert in my life at the 12 september in Cologne (COLDPLAY) :dance: :dance:

Was in France with my mum and my best friend in the autumn holidays for two weeks! That was amazing! :wacky:


The rest was quite boring. :sleeping2:School stuff and s.o.


:cheesy: Got a ticket for Duesseldorf and Wembley next year.


Oh and before I forget it. You're talking about your legs, I almost had a torn ligament at my foot. It was just slightly ripped, but I still can't move my foot in a regular way.


EDIT: Oh and I forgot, I was in England in Exeter for two weeks in my summer holidays. It was a great experience. I love England. :D

While I was there, I also was in London for one day.

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