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Trouble in Paradise?


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Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Brawl


Despite recent rumors that Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin are engaged, there have been reports of trouble in paradise.



Paltrow and Martin have been dating for the past few months and reportedly things have gotten pretty hot and heavy, even spawning rumors of an impending marriage. But sources say the two aren’t as close as the public believes. Rumors have been circulating about Paltrow’s jealousy and the fact that Martin finds it a bit disconcerting.


The couple met last summer at a Coldplay concert. Paltrow, 30, was invited backstage and the two ended up chatting. Martin, 25, left with Paltrow’s number. The two have been in the tabloids lately, with conflicting reports about the state of their relationship. Rumors of a break-up in February set the media abuzz, a fact that both camps denied. Rumors of an engagement have not been confirmed. Sources say Paltrow is a bit insecure about the relationship because Martin has not placed an engagement ring on her finger yet.


Sources say the two were seen together at a fete celebrating the end of Coldplay’s tour. According to the source, she arrived with seven bodyguards and wanted to leave shortly after she arrived. When Martin refused to escort her home, Paltrow became very upset and close to tears. According to another witness, "She shouted something at Chris and rushed out. She was in such a hurry she ended up pushing into a couple of other guests." Now the couple could have just gotten into a fight, but the underlying rumors are that Paltrow’s insecurity has gotten the best of the relationship. If she isn’t careful Coldplay’s frontman may just give her the cold shoulder.

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you know everyday they've got them fighting, breaking up, engaged, or next thing you know she'll be pregnant. They always have to find something so that's why Chris says he just ignores what everyone writes in the papers everytime they report something they have another report the next day that contradicts that.

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