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hello there folks! (: about time i joined

dynamite holly

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why hello there


my name is jill

BUT you guys can call me holly, i'm good with either.


anywayyy, a bit about me

i only really fell in love with coldplay this summer, before i didn't know too much about them at all, just knew that i vaguely enjoyed speed of sound on the radio

but a friend linked me to a clip of viva la vida (just the song, the video had yet to be made) and i fell in love.


and now, about half a year later, i am absolutely smitten and they are by far my favourite band. they have inspired me and given me hope and a more positive outlook on life than i would've had without their music. they still continue to evoke feelings in me even now. (:


since i just sent of a postcard to far away today, i figured i probably better join the site so it makes sense that i would xD thankyou for that opportunity by the way, i was delighted to be able to tell the band how i felt. it was just a storebought postcard of a waterfall near my house, but i felt really good about putting it in the mail.


sooo, my name is holly/jill, i live in canada, and i obviously appreciate good music ;3 i'm sure i'll enjoy my stay.

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