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12 Coldplay Months Of 2008: SEPTEMBER (Four kbps From Lyon)


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Michael Stipe: "A Band As Good As Coldplay Is A Rarity"


Michael Stipe started off September by heaping praise on Coldplay, saying a band as good and genial as them is a rarity.


He gushed in the BBC6 interview on Saturday: "For me, having been around for 28 years, doing this, I’m thrilled when a band like Coldplay come along. I think great! Here are some contemporaries I respect what they do and they’re really smart fun people great people to be around and they’re very close friends."


Elsewhere in the interview, Coldplay revealed that their fifth studio album would be released in December 2009 to cap off an incredible decade for the four-piece. Chris Martin made the revelations in a very special interview with R.E.M's Michael Stipe on BBC6music over the weekend.


Asked by Stipe if it was true that new material was on the horizon, Martin responded: “We’re going to put an EP out at Christmas called 'Prospekt's March' and we’re going to release an album next December to end the decade."


Cemeteries Of London.... Live?


The big live news from Coldplay was that Cemeteries Of London had been soundchecked by Coldplay in Strasbourg. At that point, the track from the new album Death And All His Friends had never been played live.... here was pre-show updates from Chavi:


Pre-Show Updates from Chavi:

11.30: We're at the venue and spoke to a roadie, fuckin excited!

12.47: They came in but didn't stop, phil was there too

13.04: (Answer to mimi's question) I waved my banner, hope they read I screamed Phil and will Like mad when they got out the car, I think they both smiled yay

13.43: They're doing soundcheck right now, only playing Violet Hill, frustrating cause we can't get in

14.24: Just saw Guy cause he went out to smoke, bit hid behind a car, I'm a bit sad have to go back in the queue people are starting to gather

14.36: We can't get closer because of security tried to give flyers to roadies but wouldn't come and take em bummer!

15.27: Holy shit! they went back for souncheck and played CoL! they fuckin read my banner which says: 'play the amazing cemetries of london please' weeeeeee


23.36: Cemeteries Of London has made its live debut in France... setlist to follow!




Even the Oracle had to answer a barrage of questions on the subject; here's one from Coldplaying's Lore:


September 2, 2008 - submitted by Lore, Chile

Q. Hello Mr. Oracle, hope you're having a good time. Recently we heard that the band finally played Cemeteries Of London (and we're really happy about that). What was the thing that made them finally play it?, did they checked any fansite with song requests?. At coldplaying.com there was a lot of people asking for the song and I must say that we're all really excited now (we even started a petition, just in case).

The Oracle replies:

No, the band draw up a potential set list and have a list of reserves to drop in throughout the tour. They like to change a few of the songs. They rarely play anything that they haven't prepared the lights & visuals for in advance unless it's for an impromptu acoustic version.


Meanwhile, three months on from the start of the VLV tour, Coldplay's confetti still lingers At MGM Grand, Las Vegas! Here's Oracle again:


September 3, 2008 - submitted by Anita, United States of America

Q. Not a question, just something funny. I was watching a replay (actual fight 07/26/08) of the Cotto/Margarito fight last night (08/03/08)and during the 2nd or 3rd round a tissue butterfly came floating down from the rafters right between the fighters. It was funny...a week later and Coldplay still lingers at MGM Grand. Way to go! Y'all are super!!!

The Oracle replies:

Thanks for that Anita, that was great to read so I don't mind that it wasn't a question!


Coldplay Cause Fire Havoc At The BBC


Coldplay caused chaos at the BBC after their road crew forced HQ Broadcasting House to be evacuated TWICE. As fire alarms went off, Radio 3 and Radio 4 were briefly pulled off the air while grumbling staff were made to assemble on pavements outside the building in central London. The band were there on Friday to record a live show put out the next day. Lighting technicians got the blame. What made it worse was they had insisted their preparations wouldn’t interfere with the building’s safety systems.


You may remember Roadie #42 commenting in his latest blog:


There was a particularly amusing roadie tale doing the rounds as stage-time approached this evening, though. Apparently, the lampies loaded in and started programming the previous night. Now, when pointing beams of light, it's much easier to see them if there's a bit of "fog". Apparently, Sparky (our lovely lighting man) dutifully checked that there would be no trouble with smoke detectors. After being assured that all was well, he pumped out a rather generous amount, ready to get to work. Somewhat inevitably, the BBC's smoke detectors had a major panic attack.


This led to the whole building being evacuated. Apparently the BBC chaps were most apologetic to him and took the heat (probably not the best phrase under the circumstances, I agree...). They assured all concerned that their errant fire alarm system had been recalibrated and that all would be well. The fire chief was less than sure and insisted that before he leave, the smoke machines were fired up again. Needless to say, alarm bells and flashing lights ensued and all and sundry were out on the pavement once again. Apparently, the result of all this fun and games was that Radio 3 and Radio 4 ended up being off air for some time. Now if this man's smoke machine trigger-finger can bring down two national radio stations, empty an entire building and summon half the London Fire Brigade, you really do have to wonder what it was he did that earned him the nickname Sparky...




Live! Coldplay Photoblog - From The Venue In Lyon


The first of two 2008 live photoblogs came in September, direct from the tour venue in Lyon, and you were all right there with us discussing it as it happened (except those inside the venue, of course). Here's a small excerpt from said photoblog:


5.12pm: The band are trying out an old song in a new style. Sounded a bit like vintage New Order from where we were standing. We were going to upload a few pics, but the internet connection here is tres, tres slow, so let's start with one for now...






Twelve minutes until stage time...




Meanwhile, Coldplay.com catches up with Will Champion who said Lyon might've been the best gig Coldplay have done. Here's an excerpt from his interview:


How's the European tour been going so far?

Very well thank you.


Does it feel different to the North American tour?

Yeah, it does. We've changed the set slightly. We felt like for the American tour we had to come out guns blazing and we didn't really feel confident about a couple of the new songs yet. But I think with the record having been out a little longer, people are getting used to its songs. We also had people like Phil saying that Cemeteries Of London, for example, has been going down really well in Europe and online and all that. So we thought, let's try and branch out a little. We're doing a couple of newer additions, Cemeteries being the main one.


It must be nice to keep changing things.

Definitely. It keeps it fresh. Our problem in the past was that we'd settle upon a set and love it so much that we didn't really tend to change it.


Does a European crowd seem noticeably different to an American one?

It's different fom crowd to crowd, really. But they seem to have really gone for Viva in France. We didn't really feel that we'd done as well as we could've done in France. I think the addition of the French flag on the album cover probably didn't do too much damage! But Viva really took off when we were in Lyon. Actually, I think that might've been the best gig we've done, to date. It was really, really good.


In what sense?

Just the general reaction to songs. We're used to people singing along to the big songs and then politely clapping to the other ones. But in Lyon it was literally like every song was a Number One smash hit. Which is a very good feeling.


Of course the big change for you personally on this tour is that you're singing.

I am! It's quite difficult, because that section of the show is logistically tough. It's hard to get guitars and mics sounding good up there at the back of the crowd. Plus, Chris sings in the first song, then I sing in the second one and he's got a much stronger voice than I have. So it's quite difficult to get all the balances and everything right. But it's coming along.


It must feel quite strange having drummed with the band for ten years to suddenly be singing.

I've always sung backing vocals, but, yeah, it is quite odd. I never felt that I had a voice for lead vocals. It's quite an anonymous voice, I think, that blends well into backing vocals. But I'm trying to expand my repertoire. I haven't branched out yet, but I'd like to.




Prospekt Is Back!


I think this note says it all:




Chris Martin German Interview (Mannheim)


Chris Martin spoke German during an interview in Germany for Tourauftakt am in Mannheim (2nd September). Here's the clip:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAPTCBCo8zs]YouTube - Coldplay ** Live in Germany ** Chris Martin speaks german[/ame]


Animal Rights Protesters Picket Coldplay’s Barcelona Gig


Animal rights protesters Asociación Animalista Libera picketed Coldplay's Barca gig. Here are some pictures…






Meanwhile Coldplay delayed the start of this Barca concert on September 6th to watch England play football against Andorra.


The band were able to watch the game because the Palau Sant Jordi arena, the site of their concert, is next door to the Olympic Stadium. “The band were chuffed when they realised they were playing next to the England match and had to get tickets," a source told the Sun newspaper. "They even postponed their show by an hour so they could watch the game.”


Although England won the game 2-0, the source said that Coldplay's performance “kicked England's into touch.”


Even Oxfam's Pete Lusby reported on it:


That’s the choice some fans might have had to make for their Saturday night in Barcelona.


Today’s venue, the Palau Sant Jordi, is right next door to the Olympic Stadium. That is the home of Andorra today, for their game with England in the 2010 Football World Cup qualifiers. The atmosphere should be amazing outside later, as fans of both events converge on this hill overlooking the city, soaked in sunshine. It will give our volunteers a whole different crowd to speak to as well. I wonder which crowd will make the most noise.. Judging that on the noise inside the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon on Thursday, it could easily be Coldplay that wins on noise volume. It was electric in there. I was on such a high during and after that show. Easily one of, if not, the best show so far.


Roadie #42 Reports On First Week Of European Tour


#42 reports from the first European shows. Here's part of the entry:


Well then dear reader, that's the first week of European touring done. After the US leg finally beginning to feel as though it was settling into a groove, the less experienced (or slightly more optimistic) roadie might be forgiven for expecting this run to be simply a case of coasting along on auto-pilot from where we left off. Obviously though, this being Coldplay, everything is getting a fresh appraisal. New approaches are considered, embellishments added, whole sections dropped and replaced, then completely reworked.


The band have undergone huge growth with this record and it's clear that they're continuing on with that trajectory. The tour is like a toddler on a growth spurt. Every time we find it a nice pair of shoes that fits and send it off to school happy that we've kitted it out properly, it wakes up taller, bigger and bursting with even more energy. There's not time to sew the name tags into the shirt before they've outgrown it.


[ame=http://youtube.com/watch?v=SvfyjM8O1qc]YouTube - Roadie #42 - blog #24 The Hardest Part[/ame]


Cemeteries Of London gets its live premiere this week. The European crowds (particularly Spain) grab hold of the flamenco claps and provide a whole percussion track of their own. There's a couple of unreleased tracks popping up as well. Postcards From Far Away now bookends the B-stage (at least until the next idea comes along...) They're also playing Glass Of Water in the soundchecks with a view to giving this a live run.


Manneheim's soundcheck begins with Will at the piano. He has a beautiful, simple melody which floats in the arena echo to give a very atmospheric soundtracky feel. Guy joins in as Chris picks up Jonny's guitar to give his pedalboard a try. Jonny arrives and quite reasonably decides he may as well play drums. I really hope this evolves into a new song. The soundcheck rolls on with an impromptu jam on Back In Black. I have no idea where the band's current AC/DC fixation comes from, although I'm looking squarely towards stage right where Jonny's guitar tech Matt McGinn is no doubt grinning broadly. The rockier feel continues as old In My Place B-side The One I Love comes off the shelf for a play.




A postcard from Guy



I went to the Louvre today to see the original Delacroix painting…

It’s a lot bigger than I expected and truly ‘magnifique’!

Love Guy






Meanwhile Guy was in the news also for his collaborations. Here's what we reported on 16th September:


Coldplay’s Guy Berryman has teamed up with A-ha and Mew for TV’s ‘Amazon’. new band Apparatjik also features Mew's Jonas Bjerre, XFM write, further to Coldplay.com's announcement..


Admitting a love for A-ha on Xfm is one thing. Joining forces with the Norse pop titans from the 80s is another thing entirely. Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, however, has hooked up with A-ha’s Magne F and Jonas Bjerre from pop odd-bods Mew to soundtrack Bruce Parry’s new TV programme, Amazon.


The trio formed the band Apparatjik especially for the project. The wonderfully titled ‘Ferreting’ is the result and closes the show which sees Parry venturing down the Amazon from its source to the sea. ‘Ferreting’ is the opening track on the fundraising album which accompanies the series, ‘Amazon Tribe – Songs For Survival’. The album is out on October 6 or available to download from iTunes now.


A text message from Chris (Glass Of Water to be played live?)


September wasn't a very good month for punctuation, as Chris Martin explained:


just landed in stockholm spent yesterday writing writing writing and eating cake tour so far best one we ever did audiences wonderful and catering also we are trying to find the right night to play glass of water which is good heavy and recently finished please excuse the lack of punctuation there are no full stops in sweden chris


Further to Chris's text message, articles were starting to emerge on new material being written during the European tour. Here's what KBS Radio in Canada reported:


Coldplay singer Chris Martin is working on songs for the band's next record before shows on their current tour, according to a blog post on the official Coldplay website by a writer identified as "Roadie Number 42", KBS Radio in Canada reported tonight. The post states, "We arrive at the shiny, new O2 arena in Berlin mid-afternoon. Now that the set has settled for a while, you'd think that maybe they'd knock soundchecks on the head for a bit. What does Christopher Martin do today? He gets up on stage and starts writing stuff for the next record."


Martin told BBC Radio last month that the band will release an EP called either Prospekt's March or Prospekt's Songs on December 26th of this year. The EP will contain material left over from the sessions for the group's latest effort, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.


The vocalist added that Coldplay hopes to record and release a full, brand new album by the end of 2009. Viva La Vida... sold 721,000 copies in its first week of release to debut at Number One on the Billboard album chart in June. The CD is approaching sales of two million copies.


"Roadie Number 42" also wrote that the members of Coldplay don't seem annoyed by what he calls "eBayers," people who ask the band to sign multiple copies of their CDs, which they then put up for auction online. "42" writes, "It's a shame really, as the guys have been lovely to every fan I've seen them meet, but you can see how the pretenders could make the whole experience more wearing...certainly it seems to bother me and the fellas' security much more than it bothers the guys themselves."


Coldplay Arrive in Sweden


Here were exclusive pictures of Coldplay singer Chris Martin arriving at a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, before two concerts at the city's Globe Theater. Also arriving was Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman and guitarist Jonny Buckland.


An insider says: ‘The Coldplay frontman never rests and he is the most active person. CHRIS doesn’t sleep and he couldn’t sleep any better before he got success. That’s just what he’s like. If you plugged him in you could power a small Scottish town with all of his energy.’




The Oracle Speaks On Coldplay And Their VIVA-Jet


September was the first Viva Jet plane spot of the tour. Here's the Oracle:


September 24, 2008 - submitted by Michael, United States of America

Q. Oracle. Does the band have their private jet? Because yesterday I saw a picture of them getting off a plane with 'VIVA' on it.

The Oracle replies:

It's not the band's private jet, as they don't have one. They charter planes as and when needed for the tour. It's become quite usual for the planes to come with the album artwork on the side, which is a nice touch don't you think?

In answer to Liz' question who wanted to know why one never sees another plane whilst on a flight... I do all the time! I see loads of planes. So if you should happen to peer out of the window and see a small jet with VIVA on the side, you'll know who it is!




Guy Berryman: "It's just so much fun going on stage"


Guy Berryman answered questions in another official Coldplay interview. Here's an excerpt:




The other chaps have said this is the best tour Coldplay have done. Would you agree with that?

Yeah, it's been going really well. Everyone's been making the most of the cities that we're in, the crowds have all been amazing and I think we're playing together as well as we ever have done. It's been really great. We're in that phase where it's just so much fun going on stage because we don't have to worry about anything other than just enjoying it. You get that muscle memory thing where playing becomes almost a sub-conscious thing. It's a really lovely feeling.


What's this about you trying to take pictures with your feet?

Well, I haven't quite managed it yet, but I'm trying to set up some cameras at the front of house which I can trigger remotely. I'm just modifying some infra-red stuff to put onto my foot pedals and take pictures from the back of the room whilst we're all on stage. I think that's just a few days away from being completed now.


On past tours, the band have used sound-checks to work on new songs. Is that something you've been doing this time?

Not yet, because there's actually still a few songs that we've already recorded which we're trying to work out how to play. So we haven't quite got to the stage of working on brand new stuff yet. I think there's also a danger of trying to write too much when you're on tour, because you go into the studio with these pre-conceived ideas of how it's going to sound, which can be quite stifling when you come to being creative in the studio. So I'm hoping we actually avoid that a little bit this time.


We hear from #42's blogs that you've been playing Oasis songs instead.

Yeah, Oasis did make an appearance the other day. AC/DC quite often gets played too. And we muck about with various other things - I might play the drums and Will will play the bass and we'll play some Stone Roses or something.


Coldplay's Lost! Video Released Online


After some expensive looking high concept videos for their last few efforts Coldplay brought it back to the basics and where it all started from with their new video “Lost” from the top selling album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends.


The video was a performance piece with the band rocking an arena sized audience as Chris displays some creative dance moves then takes off in the middle of the crowd. Good thing Chris isn’t a rapper, he might be chainless after running into a crowd after a Hip Hop show like that.


You told us what you thought of the video at the messageboard.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-1ZyQolpbs]YouTube - Coldplay Full Official Video For Lost! (2008)[/ame]


Roadie #42 Digs Out Chris² Banner


Coldplaying member Chris² got a surprise when his banner he gave to Roadie #42 featured on one of the last blogs of September. Here's a short excerpt:


In a decidedly un- MTV-Cribs style, here's where I live while I'm in the venue. It's in the 'tech bunker' below the stage wings. If the photo was bigger, you'd see the back of the drumkit and the bass amp to the right and above. It's all glamour for 42, I tell ya... Yes, it's dark, gloomy and a bit filthy, but I have put up some decoration to make it feel a little more like home.




Coldplay Backstage With Absolute Radio: Munich, Germany


Virgin Radio came to an end after 15 years with the launch of Absolute Radio. DJ Christian O'Connell was due to unleash the all-new station on his breakfast show. Insiders said that Absolute promises a completely new format. Chris Martin welcomed the arrival at their sell-out gig in Munich, Germany, at the weekend in front of 15,000 fans. He said: "I really can't wait to hear Absolute."


Here's some more of the interview:


Chris Martin also revealed to the Breakfast Show DJ that he thinks Coldplay are "better than we used to be" saying "we’ve turned from a Mars Bar into a King-Sized Mars Bar!" And talking of Mars Bars, the singer also said "There’s a little bit of fat on me and I realised today, during the encore, I could see the big screen and it adds love handles!" Chris also added these words of advice for any other bands touring at the moment: "This is a tip for anyone who’s playing an arena; don’t let yourself see the screens while you’re playing".


Laughing, Christian O'Connell commented that he thought it was really good and asked how the band know when it’s going really well? Chris Martin then revealed: "You get a lot of offers…..you know, the more phone numbers that get thrown on stage, the more the gig is going good. Or fax, or fax - the Germans love a fax!"


Chris Martin also told Christian O'Connell he loves the new Kaiser Chiefs’ single saying, "I think it's awesome" and he is currently listening to ‘The Queen Is Dead’ by The Smiths describing it as " frighteningly good". He then went onto to defend Canadian Rock stars Nickleback saying, "I have nothing but respect for Nickelback. They take a lot of flak from people who have never done fuck all in their life and I think they’re great". When Christian asked if Coldplay are looking forward to their O2 gigs later on this year Chris Martin said the band we excited but denied Coldplay could sell out 21 nights like the artist formerly known as Prince. He said: “No, I don’t think we could….you can’t do that unless you’ve got impeccable facial hair…..with this facial hair we could probably sell out five nights".

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGhFf12E23I]YouTube - Absolute Coldplay PT 1[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8o91h9-3Aw]YouTube - Absolute Coldplay - Part 2[/ame]


Coldplay Arrive In Italy - Viva-Jet Style


This photo says it all really!




And this is what happened at the gig:




A Blog From Will Champion


Will Champion wrote from between Bologna and Milan:


There are a few fans we know by name. Plenty we know by sight. The loyalty and dedication of our fans always astounds me. There are faces that I have seen in the front row in three different continents. When we play anywhere in Italy, I know I'll see Francesco, front row, dead centre. A friendly face in a foreign city. Sure enough he was there in his usual place in Bologna tonight. We are very lucky to have such incredible fans; all throughout this European tour we have been stunned by the reaction we have been getting and for that we are truly grateful.


For the first time I am actually going to be sad when a tour ends. Normally I'm anxious to get on with the next thing, but this tour has been the most enjoyable to date; we've played in cities we've never been to before (like Prague and Budapest), we've had great concerts in cities where we've previously had disastrous ones (like Paris) and we've left every city with a feeling of great satisfaction.


I am writing this on the plane to Milan, where we will play tomorrow night. Barring an act of god, I know that I will see a friendly face, front row, dead centre.


Will X




#42 was your Italian stallion, reporting from Italy:




It's another very boomy arena in Bologna, which once again brings out the RAWK! in soundcheck. Back In Black gets another rollicking run through, which morphs into 136. I'm not sure I've heard that one since they did it in Reykjavik in 2002 with Tim from Ash on guitar. Also this afternoon, comes another run through of Glass of Water. Today sees another rather interesting additional guitar player join the camp for this track. The chorus on this one is pretty monstrous. It seems to fit huge echo-y arenas perfectly. It's rocky and it's joyous and it expresses a band at the top of their game very well I think.


Italy can occasionally be somewhat challenging for roadies. Things here are, hmmm, how does one put this? "More relaxed", I guess is the best phrase to use. Vital things such as the huge electrical supplies that power the entire show can be rather cheerfully vague and efforts to correct major issues can be met with an even more vague shrug. The thing that overrides all of this though and makes it worthwhile is the Italian crowds. They are unfailingly wonderful.


I'm under the stage having a tidy up when the doors open to the punters in Bologna. This lot are already singing the Viva tune as they stream onto the floor. An Italian fansite has also organised the bringing of balloons, which they're bouncing and batting about the place long before the band take the stage. If they're this noisy and excitable at an empty stage, the gig can only be a good 'un.


And indeed it is. I can't remember a louder crowd this whole tour. It's a great point in the tour to get a crowd like this. The set has settled to the point where the band can actually start really relaxing and enjoying it, as well as being aware of what's going on around them. We're also about five weeks into a run of shows and frankly, everyone is knackered. A vibe like tonight lifts everyone like a very, loud cheering and screaming shot in the arm. The balloons make an appearance on the B Stage, as one makes its way up. Chris announces that he will perform "the next song as a fat man. This is what Coldplay will look like in thirty years' time" The balloon goes up the shirt and true to his word, the song is delivered in a most overweight fashion.



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:bomb: I cant choose !!! September was the best month ever.. along with October :D

texts from Strasbourg, being in Lyon for the live photoblog or Khalplay's banner (she's not Chris² anymore :P) ??? :bomb:

I can't decide so I vote for "Paris' gigs" which is not in the list :wacko:

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I am disappointed nobody voted for "Coldplay Cause Fire Havoc At The BBC".


I voted for text message from Chris because that was amusing, but no :snobby: Two OTHER people had voted that TOO while "Coldplay Cause Fire Havoc At The BBC" was stuck at ZERO



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