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The First Random Pollness of 2009 is here :)

Black Rose

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Ding Dong.


Time for a random poll I think, this time about mice.


Option 1 - Laptop with standard inbuilt mouse control, either a touch-pad or the small ball with buttons at the bottom.

Option 2 - A standalone mouse which plugs in via the usb port

Option 3 - Wired mouse, as in the mouse is connected directly to the computer via a wire

Option 4 - Wireless mouse, the main mouse doesn't have a wire connecting it to the computer

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There are laptops with some kind of ball in the middle (which isn't a mouse), and there is now touch-screen technology available.:smug:


Like this:




With a trackpoint ball thing mounted in the keyboard with buttons at the bottom?


You will find those come under option 1, as they are in effect an inbuilt mouse control on a laptop :smug: (and are annoying to use for long periods)

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50-50 for the touch pad on a laptop, and a wired optical mouse at a desktop. Some days I use the laptop a little more, others the desktop depending on what other people are using.


It took a while to get really good at the touch pad, but I quite like it. I really don't get why everyone else hates it so much. :inquisitive: It's so intuitive.

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