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Dinosaurs Mating / Female Tyrannosauruses

The Mad Hatter

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Care to share that drawing of it with us?


I've gotta admit that i have never though about how dinosaurs mate. The normal way, i suppose.. ?


And yeah, tyrannosauruses are so evil looking that they simply have to be all male.

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I never make fun of people so it had to be a typo :wacky:


Wow, that pic is just...wow. It looks so difficult! They can't even use their hands to keep the lady under them still. Darn, i guess doggy style works better than anything else then.

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... :uhoh:


mm then i guess it will be as on other animals, if the female wasn't in the mood of it, the male had nothing to do....


i mean if they couldn't hold each other or anything... :thinking:


i've never thought about that before :surprised:


imagine it would happen like on cats... omg earth must be so strange those days, you know cats are so annoying, male cat is all the time making noise to call female cat attention and stuff, plus there are the fights.


just imagine it were like that. :o

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