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[Airing:3rd] 29-Jan-09: Chris Martin at Capital Radio - Lucio show - 7pm (GMT)


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Guest kmm1482
god i hate the radio, i hate radio presenters and the terrible songs they play


FAR better stations than in America!!! All we have is Britney Spears and country

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You sure??

'Cause if that's the case i'll stop listening right now before my ears explode..... :sick:


Well according to the internet they are, Capital's group and XFm's group merged.


Search "GCap Media" in google for further info.


Oh well :cry: that's ok I guess cos I haven't had a chance to have a proper listen to the xfm one yet. Was it any good..?


Yeh it was good, apart from some idiots in the crowd who picked crap songs for him to play :P.

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