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iphone help!!


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okay, I bought an iphone today.

o2 are being very generous by giving away a free YEAR of internet with it.

which is amazing!

except... I can't get the internet to work on it.


whenever I go to open safari, or youtube or maps, it comes up with a message:

"Could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service"


wtf does that mean?

I've been through the network settings and eveything should be fine


the 3g logo thing is lit up on the top of the screen, so it's working...


but it's not working. :( help?

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lol, i found out the problem the day after I posted this.


I went to the apple store in town and the guy who sold it to me forgot to change my 3g settings from contract to pay as you go (it uses different internet settings)

it was fixed in minutes.

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Can it be connected to broadband?


yes it can & ADSL2+ broadband will work fine. but regardless, you'll still need to set up a WiFi network at home first in order to use any of the online apps.


i'm assuming your ADSL2+ modem is just a wired modem connected directly to your PC. in which case, you will need to get a router (e.g. the Linksys WRT54G) so that you can hook it up to the modem & create a wireless (WiFi) network at home. i have an iPod touch too & it works fine on my home wireless network.

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orrite...after looking up your modem router, since it doesn't have built-in WLAN support, you won't be able to connect your iPod touch to the current wired network.


the iPod touch pretty much lives on wireless internet to connect online. i've yet to see an iPod touch accessory cable that lets you physically plug into your modem router's existing free ports.


you could look into getting either :



a wireless router (to hook up to the current modem router...PC doesn't need to be switched on too for WiFi once you've set it up the 1st time round) or a USB or PCMCIA WiFi adapter (uses your PC that's already online via the wired network to create a wireless network...hence your PC needs to be switched on when you want WiFi)



a USB WiFi adapter's pretty convenient. for the PCMCIA WiFi adapter you'll need to venture into the innards of your PC...which you may or may not be comfy with.


else you'd be resigning yourself to only using the online apps when you're in the vicinity of a free wireless hotspot when you're in town. or mooching off someone's unsecured home WiFi (but i do believe that mooching someone's internet is illegal). not fun at all.

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