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Wembley/Other venues CCC clothing designs [2009]


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Hi everyone! :)


I have a response from Nadia regarding the Cafepress account for the Coldplaying Charity Club. I'm not sure where we're upto with the Wembley designs or any other concert venue for that matter. I'd be grateful if you could come to the final designs by say, the 20th February 2009?


Once we have them they can be added to the E-shop and an advertising campaign can begin, ready for people to start purchasing ahead of the forthcoming stadia concerts :)






Poll added. Please read the descriptions of the 2 stores here (post #146)

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Ok, so will there be one especially for Wembley?

I'd love to have one with a Wembley mention.

There will be more than 100 of us!!! :dance:



Decisions / Designs to be made:


- The way "COLDPLAYING is written

- The other text

- The design of the two above


- The colour of the shirt will be yellow, I think this much is already decided...


Will the front be the same for everybody and each of us decides what to do with the back?

Like writing the username etc?


Having lesser colours makes it cheaper, right?

I'd prefer to have it black (and probably white) only anyway...


We could try to write something with the letters we have from the VLV and PM and so on covers:





Or "steal" parts of the website design:








To have the year 2009 on it would be nice as well, wouldn't it?



Yes, I know this one is lame, but maybe it annoys somebody so much, that he / she comes up with a much better one!!





I really like the "Squee-Art", like for example those:









Camille and me were trying around before Christmas...

This was one of the drafts:





I don't know how this cafepress thing works.

Will only members from the board be able to order one?

It wouldn't be that cool if just everybody could order one no matter if (s)he is a member, this is a coldplaying thing... or am I wrong with that assumption?

I'd be very grateful if somebody could explain the way it'll work to me!!!


Ok, the above was only meant as a little summary...

We have so many talented people here and the weekend is near!!


So let's start brainstorming!! :dance:

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I took the "Viva la vida tour" writing from the website and edited it to be larger.


Here it is:



So using this I made two other designs:

--> direct links so they fit your screen size:

first draft

second draft






What do you think about them?

What would you change?

Give me your opinions please, I am running out of ideas!!


I know they don't have "Wembley" on it... :thinking:

Any ideas?

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