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Hello from Texas!


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Hi, everyone! I'm violetsparks, but you can just call me Violet. It's shorter, and it's my actual name as well, so there ya go. xD


Anyway, I'm Violet, and I'm in my second semester at Stephen F. Austin State University, where I'm majoring in music education. After getting my bachelor's, I'll take a position as a band director of some sort, so I can teach young people to play great music. I myself play a variety of instruments (mainly brass and keyboards, but a bit of other things as well), but I'm a French horn major, so that's my primary instrument at the moment.


I guess as far as Coldplay fans go, I'm not exactly an old fan, but I'm most certainly a loyal one. I got "Parachutes" and "X & Y" for Christmas a couple of years back, and the rest explains itself. I find Coldplay to be rather calming. :]


So anyway, I hope I didn't say too much. I've been a member of several forums now, and I hope I can enjoy this one as much as I have the others. I hope to se you around. :]

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