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Cut Copy


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I'm not really a fan of dance/electropop music but I actually like this group... they came here last year and they were supporting Kylie Minogue's concert. Heard they were very good so I gave them a try. They have a very cool style!


Anyone who likes them as well?

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its very interesting to see where they are most popular. ironically they have enjoyed minimal success in australia, rather their label mates The Presets have dominated the dance/techno scene for the last 15 months and in my opinion are the superior band. on the other hand Cut Copy have been very very well received in the UK and Europe and growing popularity in north america. i think that has alot to do with the fact that cut copy have more of a european vibe about them whereas The Presets sound alot more aussie with alot of rock influence.


personally i thought In Ghost Colours was a tad too long and those 1min tracks were trivial and superfluous. but still i think i put it at No.9 on my list of favourite albums of 2008. for the record i put The Presets Apocolypso at No.3.

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hope they bring out their next record early next year but they seem like the type of band who like to spend extended periods of time in the studio. i dont mind how long it takes as long as its brilliant like In Ghost Colours. anyone who has listened to that record properly would be lying if they said its not in their top 10 of the year.

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this is for the aussies here.


out of the people who like the presets and cut copy (if there are any out there) which band do you prefer?? i can only really compare apocolypso and in ghost colours. last year i enjoyed apocolypso alot more than in ghost colours. but now 8 months into 09 i prefer listening to in ghost colours. the album has aged much better than the presets one.

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"lights and music" and "hearts on fire" are awesome




I don't have Apocalypso nor In Ghost Colours, but I love the singles from both bands. From what I've heard from others, IGC is a stronger record than Apocolypso, which goes a bit weird halfway through.

I do intend on purchasing both very soon.

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Zonoscope will be released in 2011 on February 4th in Australia, February 7th in the UK and Europe, and February 8th in North America.


Below you can find links to view the second installment of the Krozm documentary on the process of making the record, entitled "Skies of The Ape."

More music is revealed in this piece, which sees the band moving into their Christmas St recording warehouse, and all band members involved in the creative process.



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