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Current bands that will shape tomorrow's music.


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What bands do you think will influence the music of tomorrow?


Tool will for sure. Some people describe Tool as "the new Pink Floyd".

Radiohead has already influenced music. Coldplay being the result.

Our Lady Peace will influence Canadian music for sure.

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Radiohead will continue to

Mars Volta (redefining the possibilites in postmodern rock)

Beastie Boys (any future white hip hop/electro groups will have to study them)

Sonic Youth (wanna play indie rock? Get their cd's now)

Wilco (esp after YHF)

The Faint (they pretty much single handedly (re)started this whole disco/electro/punk hybrid craze we're seeing right now)

Neil Young (anyone doing anything remotely close to this stuff in the future has a lot to live up to)

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The Coral' date=' hopefully. I know their music is influenced by a lot of older stuff, but they still did their own thing and they even entered the Top 5 in UK, no?[/quote']


It went straight in to number 1 (I do the charts I KNOW)

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I saw you posted here and just KNEW you were going to say Muse lol :D

you could be right though, esp after Absolution comes out, UK RAWK is going to have to reconsider its approach :dozey: :cool:


Absolution is going to change the meaning of UK RAWK

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