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Finally got round to taking back the Lounge from all these dickheads. There may still be one or two knocks on the door but I don't answer unless I'm expecting someone. I occasionally let the boy next door have his ball back but only if he said please through the letterbox.


Look out for a new carpet i.e. a few new arcade games and a possible further Twitter integration for the forums. In the meantime, enjoy a bit of jazz on YouTube. And sorry for last night's downtime, I pressed the wrong button :)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ICJUFOJa2g]YouTube - Joshua Redman - Jazz Crimes (Live)[/ame]

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well there's no point in coming to this forum of hypocrisy anymore.


way to go ahead and prove yourselves to be the worst set of admin i've ever seen on a forum ever. this is the most ridiculous way of dealing with something like this.

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