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i need help with coldplay autograph


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I was spring cleaning and came across a coldplay autograph i got some years back in 2004/2005..About 4-5 years back, I used to be a waitress in a very popular bar in London, England..At some point coldplay must have come down to party, and I got all their autographs. Now at the time i was totally oblivious to who coldplay was,didn't really listen to that type of music, i just got their autographs cause everyone else that worked there was going crazy over them., so i got out my order pad, tore a page out of it and had all the band members sign it and i guess in order to remember whose autograph it was, i wrote on the piece of paper "COLDPLAY GUITARIST" but i think they all must have signed it cause there are different signatures on it....I only just discovered it again hidden in my old passport when i was spring cleaning over the weekend. I'm trying to find someone who can authenticate the autographs, cause obviously now that i know who coldplay is, i think it might be worth something.. The reason why I am writing on here for help is cause even though i know who coldplay is now and i listen to some of their music, and i do think they are great and chris is cute and all, i am still not that big a fan and if these autographs turn out to be truly authentic, they would have more meaning to a true fan..I did some research and found out that the band autographs are very rare, so this might be a true treasure for a genuine fan.. So my question is, does anyone know where in London i can get this autograph authenticated, or is there anyone who knows what the band's autograph really looks like that can help me out..

Thanks and sorry for the long story...

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Angie, I love what you've done with your butterflies!
Thanks :D


wot does it say on the 2nd cd it goes like 'sorry u had to go to ....,' wot does it say ??


Yeah, it's very pretty and original :nice:



I think it says "sorry you had to go to Arizona"

Yeah, that's what it looks like to me... but why did you have to go to Arizona and why were they sorry?


Does Arizona suck? :P


I know why he wrote that... they changed the original date in Arizona like they did in Philly last year and we both got screwed on nonrefundable travel packages. We both lost some big money. :(

It does say "Sorry you had to go to Arizona" I told Jonny about me having to go to Arizona because of the travel package not being refundable and I couldn't go to the rescheduled date and how Arizona was hot and sucked balls. Bless his heart, he felt so bad for me. :laugh3:

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