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Coldplay song titles with relevance in your life?


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Do you have any particular CP song titles that are always popping up?


Eg. My post count on Coldplaying before this post was '42.' :P

I have an internet buddy whose username for everything is 'Square One.'

I know this is pretty common, but we're ALWAYS going on about 'X&Y' in maths.

My dad is constantly telling me, 'Don't Panic.' It's like his catchphrase or something. :P


Any one else have this? Maybe I'm just obsessed. No, scratch that, of course I'm obsessed. But maybe I'm obsessed to the point where hospitalization would be wise. :lol:

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Lots of cool answers!


Around 08 Amsterdam came up coz my girlfriend was a slut, so I drew paralells between red light district and her :p


Plus Now my feet wont touch the ground since I always tend to fall down and get hurt.

AND when I went to Romania my wallet was stolen, but I found 4 euro in my pocket, so everything wasn't lost! Høhø! :p

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