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Remembering Violet Hill


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I hadn't listened to it in so long.

then it just came on my shuffle playlist and It reminded me of last summer when the album was coming out and I remember sitting in my living room listening to radio one to hear the first play.


This song was the themetune to my whole last summer.

do you remember when you first heard it, where were you the day that coldplay returned!?



ps. This is very much a 'I'm-so-stoned-this-seems-like-a-good-idea' inspired thread.


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I was at college so I was sooooo excited I needed to listen to that song really bad, so I went to an internet cafe in fron of college, went to myspace and I was :stunned: and inmediately fell for that song!


Nearly cried cuz they were finally back!!:wacky:


I can't believe it was a year ago!

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I had to Sky+ it because I was at work. Was so nervous listening to it incase I hated it - but it was love at first listen.


Went to Violet Hill over the summer... need to go back in December to capture the full effect!


I was there in early January - so almost!:P

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Close enough.


It was a ridiculously hot day when I was there and there wasn't a clous in the sky. Made a nice change to the usual British summer but didn't really capture the mood of the song :rolleyes:


Well you could always have changed the words to:


"It was a hot day in July,

There were no clouds in the sky,

Oh no, oh no................................ ":rolleyes:

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About lines! Year!!! It was amazing, April, long-awaited return of Coldplay, unforgettable feelings of acquaintance to their new sounding! First thirty seconds Violet Hill I went in the dark and did not know that to expect, creeps on a skin ran!)

and nevertheless this great Coldplay song with an unsuccessful refrain;)

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