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Alcohol and Coldplay


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I'm not sure where to post this question.

But I was wondering does Coldplay drink alcohol? I've heard the Chris doesn't.

I was just wondering, as Gwyneth loves her wines - I thought it would be an odd match.

Not saying that marriage is based on if you drink or not :P.


But yeah just wondering if in general they drink or not.


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Shit! The website that posted the article where they talk about Chris' drinking binge got redesigned, and now that article's gone! They're all gone... Man, those were some good articles :bigcry:


Anyway, yeah, Chris drinks sometimes now, I think it says that he ordered a couple drinks at the beginning of the Rolling Stone interview :thinking:

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hmmm, how can any of us really know how much they drink?


we only see pics- which are random , and usually taken in public places/ social situations.


"A picture is worth a thousand words"- but that could be + or - the reality of their intake.


And like everyone else, that could change - bouts of abstinence/ to bingeful periods.


"who the f*ck knows":thinking:

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Yeah it was probably late 90s when the band was first recording (probably songs for one of their E.P.'s). There was a lot of tension and frustration, since studio time costs so much, and Chris said Will was off tempo some of the time. The story goes Chris kicked Will out, regretted it and then drunk himself silly at a bar. I presume Will rejoined soon after.


I remember an award show (can't remember which, might've been grammy's) where, when the guy's won, they stood up and Chris took a huge swig out of wine bottle. *searches for video*

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"So I wanna live in a wooden house, where making more friends would be easy. I wanna live where the sun comes out...


Tinspiler then you need to come live right here in Barbados cause people live in wooden houses and its warm and sunny 12 months a year......


can I ask who the kid is in the pic?

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No idea. Random, cute icelandic kid. Its a picture from amazing Sigur Ros documentary "Heima". That's Jonsi playing guitar.


And Barbados sounds nice, but how easy is making more friends? :P



Lets say that we're pretty friendly bunch here seeing that we get so many visitors to out island daily......


example...I now every single neighbour down my street on both sides (and its a pretty darn long street) and we have little get togethers and so on



Back on topic.................... I'm happy that Will is back in the band and COLDPLAY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hahah Guy use to be a bartender...........he got into the band by being drunk and approaching Chris in the bar and demanding that he let him into his band :P:P


Guy drinks a lot.........there are lots of interviews....him making Irish Car Bombs......videos of him asking for life time supplies of Vodka, the tour diary he seems to always have a beer in his hand.....:rolleyes: basically if Guy is around.....there is gonna be some alcohol :lol:


and Chris use to not drink, but now he drinks, i think they all do.......... watch the Q awards last year and im pretty sure Chris was drunk....at least tipsy! :lol:

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omg I didn't even see this thread before I did my huge Guy+Alchohol picspam in the berrythread. :lol:


but yeah Guy definitely drinks.


Lol i liked the themed-picspam :D

And i loved the name "Guy + Alcohol" :lol:

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