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Reading/Leeds festival


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So whats your thoughts on the line up?


Reading/Leeds this year has some great bands, I got my tickets before I new the line up, but the headliners are definatly the best this year, V in a close second.


Prodigy/Artic monkeys will be an exceptional first night for Leeds and will set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Bloc party/Radiohead on sat, well what else can I say to two of my favourite bands in one night, will be immense, The last night is the weakest line-up for me, weakest mabye the wrong word as Placebo/Kasier Chiefs/King Of Leon is still a great line up, just not really my cup of tea. Roll on August 28th!

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Music wise glastonbury definatly isn't my festival this year, bruce springsteen, lily allen and franz ferdinand doesn't sound too great to me!


Picking 3 bands out of the hundreds which will be playing :P


Reading/Leeds can't match the atmosphere with the separate camping/performance area so you can't bring in your own booze

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