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The thread of the month award for March poll

Black Rose

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The nominations have been totaled up and the shortlist of threads up for the award are as follows:

Have you ever realized that "oh god" backwards is "dog ho"?

Kicking back with JD: Q&A


What do you want from me!? (Yet another podcast thread) It's done now!

What is your first Historical event memory?

The TRUTH Behind the Sinking of The Titanic


You have 1 week to vote for your favourite out of those 6 :)

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Just glad to see that "Chavi and Carla" is not on there :dozey:


i don't think it can. i think the thread has to be created in the month of march. am i correct David? and it's a loverly thread. we don't bite there:laugh3:

oh david i want to nominate Lore's new Warning Sign download thread for

the April contest. i will put the link in soon

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