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thank you_____ for...

coldplay luver

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in this thread, you guys can thank a band that has impacted your life with their music.

you can share how they impacted you and list their song that it relates to.


for example: thank you coldplay for helping me realize that my friends are people that will always be there for me and listen to any of my troubles.


-green eyes

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Thank you Radiohead and Beck for the music that you have made, and incorporating various styles/genres of music, which has opened me up to new music and not toss off a song because of it's genre (Electronica/Dance [Radiohead] and Hip-Hop/Rap [beck])


Thank you The Beatles (band and solo) for everything, with out that band I would not be at all the person I am today. Never has there been a band as important to me.

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Its unbearable to listen to from start to finish.

And the lead off single being Clocks Part II.


briggins good luck trying to convince people that Speed of Sound is nothing but Clocks II (i prefer to call its Clocks Remix). ive been trying for years to no avail.


i need to think about my response to this thread. there are alot of bands who i love but i find it hard to pinpoint exactly the impact they've had on me

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