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Coldplayground..an official fanclub?


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I am so sorry if this has been discussed before..I have searched for a similar thread but did not find any..so feel free to merge if there's already one..;)


So anyway, since when does Coldplay has an official fanclub?

I assume this is legit as it was linked at http://www.coldplay.com/fan/club.html so it must be a real one right?

However I recalled someone (I think it's The Oracle? I'm not so sure) said that Coldplay doesnt have an official fanclub so I'm a bit confused :confused:

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^Don't you worry, not only does Chris say that ALL THE TIME, but also, during a Q&A session on Twitter, Jonny said they have an idea of when they will start recording the next album. Anyway, don't worry, they won't stop making music for now :)

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