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How Did You Find Out About Coldplaying?


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Looking for Coldplay on websites a little more than 2 years ago. I found Coldplaying and checked up on the site itself (not the forum) for news and such. Then on April Fool's Day (06 or 07) they announced that Chris Martin was leaving the band. I was so freaked I went into the forum and eventually saw someone point out it was a joke. So I had made an account, and left it there, and then a while later for whatever reason came back and started posting.

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i don't believe you Sir. :P


i'm straight.




























ok, maybe bisexual?

































no, i'm straight.

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and how did you find out about the official coldplay site?

well I was looking for coldplay news, and found the site, and the forum since I was looking for serious coldplay discussions, which explains why most of my useful posts went to the release section

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