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Jonny & Will at 'Little Joy' gig, Austin Texas


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If you check Little Joy's my space it says something about Fabrizio not being able to join them for a while as he'll be busy with The Strokes :wink:

:wideeyed: They both look amazing!! thanks for posting



The look so cute :wacky:

But where the heck was Guy?? :inquisitive:

Probably drinking backstage :P

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awww, how nice! :nice:


but fab moretti needs to go back to the strokes now so they can write their fricking fourth album :whip:.


they are making a fourth album right now! they announced on their myspace page back in march, that they've been rehearsing and that they already have three songs completed. but that was two months ago, so who knows that they've done since then :dance:

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yeah, i knew that they had started to rehearse and try out a few things for their fourth album, but as of march they hadn't started to record yet :P. i hope that's changed now, but nikolai just released his own album, albert's always all over the place, and fab is on tour with little joy :lol:. really, i just want a fourth album, and i hope they have time scheduled for it :D.

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