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Irish people sound like leprechauns!

The Mad Hatter

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Louie Walsh is a Leprechaun, so that proves they exist.:rolleyes:


Louis Walsh


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Louis, yesterday.




For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Louis Walsh.

I'm sure, to be sure.


~ Louis on On becoming an X Factor Job. Louis Walsh is a 56 year old Irish leprechaun that lives in the small enchanted forest in Simon Cowell's massive estate. He spends his spare time hunting for gold, stroking his beard, chasing after kids who've stolen his Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, ending every sentence with, "To be sure" and being indecisive about being an X Factor judge.

He is most famous for being Irish, green, small and Simon Cowell's bitch. He is also the regular victim of vicious, brutal, near-death beatings from Sharon Osbourne on national television. He manages many non-talent boybands such as Westlife, Boyzone Leather Chaps, Boyz in Honeyz and The Nob Jockeys. He is not a homosexual and has continually and strenuously denied these claims, usually making them whilst in the passionate embrace of a 6ft 2in tall Italian he calls, 'Stallion'.

[edit] Early Life


Born in 1954, Louis Walsh was born to a leprechaun and a Setter. He early years were spent practising smug impressions and managing his first group called 'The Toys'. To date this is the most talented group he's ever had on his books. At school he was bullied mainly due to his thick, ginger beard, the pipe he was smoking and dressing in full leprechaun regalia. He argued that if Christian's could wear crosses, Jewish people could wear those sideburn things and KKK members could wear those funny hoods then he is entitled to wear the garments of his own, personal faith.

The bullying was pretty intense, mainly focused on stealing his Lucky Charms and running off, forcing him to chase after them. He also once found that his pot of gold had been pissed in and someone had written "Loving the cock, to be sure" on the blackboard.

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The Irish are lovely, if it weren't for my family in england, I would go live in Ireland, only they wouldn't have me, I have no money!


Well all you need to do is befriend a Leprechaun and get your hands on his crock of gold and problem solved!!:P

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