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Joe Satriani reference in 2002?


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I was going back over an interview the band did in 2002 with VH1, and I came across an interesting quote that I didn't really know what to make of.


VH1: You’re always hinting that maybe this might be the last Coldplay record.


Chris: We’ll wait and see. I sometimes think we’re just a one-hit wonder and that’s it for us. Other times I know that it’s not true. Being in Coldplay is what I live for, and I’d be gutted if people didn’t want us around. This is getting depressing! This is going to be on VH1’s 100 Saddest Stories: the day we gave up because no one liked us. Get Joe Satriani to comment on that!




Now of course its no surprise the band's future was up in the air during the AROBTTH era, but I was completely caught off guard by the Satriani reference. What in the world could he possibly mean? Remember, this interview was given in 2002, so I'm just curious if the band had some history with Satriani already or something... any ideas?



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