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GA Question(s)

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Hello everyone:


I'm seeing Coldplay in Toronto next week (so excited!) and I was wondering if some of you could answer a few of my questions regarding my GA tickets?


Why do my GA tickets have seats numbers on them? Under the word seat on my tickets it says 4 and 5.


They say GA4 as well...also row 1? Does anyone know what the heck this means (if it means anything)?


I realize that GA is a standing area, but why does it have seat numbers and rows if there are no reserved/assigned seats in that area???



Thank you kindly!

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A quick answer to what I know. GA tickets may have numbers on them, but usually you are to disregard them. They are there to track how many have been sold by the original source, be it ticketmaster or Live Nation. I'm assuming you are in a pit? I have not seen the set up for toronto, but if so, then you have access to the very front.


As for boat or dblue... I do not know. Hope this helps a little.

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