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How We Saw The World


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  • 2 weeks later...

I had to watch this at my parents' house because they have HDNet and I don't. My mom, whose musical tastes range from Donny Osmond to Barry Manilow, said "They sound like they are on LSD!" to which my sister replied, "Do you even know what LSD is??" :laugh3: I informed her, of course, that Coldplay doesn't do drugs. :smug:


I am curious, though, about the title of the show: "Coldplay: How We Saw the World." At the end, Jonny & Chris hold up a fanmade banner that said "Coldplay: How We See the World." Did they name the show after that fanmade banner?? If so...that is too cool and what an honor for that fan!


Loved Chris' curly hair in this, btw :D

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