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Isn't this exciting!?

The Joker

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I looked on coldplay.com today and noticed how they don't have many shows left. Now some might think it sucks that they won't be on tour anymore, but i find it exciting. This chapter of coldplay is finally closing after a very long year. Now, it will soon be the next chapter? This thread is to kinda reflect on the incredible year they had, and get excited for their next stuff


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I agree, Viva La Vida has been a fantastic adventure for Coldplay. The fans have been very lucky and have been spoilt by a fantastic band. This last year coldplay hav been in their eliment! I've loved it and we've had a great year, its not over yet! bring on Wembley

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I hope they try something different then VLV. I don't want them to make an album that copies it. I want some AROBTTH themes back. With some X&Y guitar
I`m sure they gonna make something new ;)

To be honest, i don`t want they make something similar to X&Y. they need to create new things.. ;)

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I decided that I love everything they've done so far, so i guess i should just wait and see what comes. I think that all of the albums have gotten progressively better, so hopefully the next will continue the pattern. I kind of like Viva a bit more than the others because of the whole theme, like the military theme i guess. It's sort of concept-y which i like. So i hope there's another theme in the new one.

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