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Lebanese Coldplay fans?!


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ohhh wopsss i didnn want coldplay to go to lebanon plzz they ll end up deadd butt is there any leboos in thiss msg boardd at all newayy coldplayy should make there way down to australiaa woot wooott

pss mosess u can buy me a tiket loll


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originally posted by Josh42 :


LOl thx Josh42, it's bcz we're sick of problems and politics...party all day, CNN declared Beirut #1 party city in the world check out this vid:



2ahlan ze_scientist ramadan karim♥♥



and i checked that thread but it hasn't been active for 3 years so i figured i start a new one and thx for the list it's very helpful



you're welcome

sorry i didn't notice this post the last time :\

thank you anyway :)

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