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District 9


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I was disapointed. I usually like movies like this. From the trailers I thought, ehh... doesn't look so good.. But then I heard everybody was saying BEST MOVIE EVER


So I was like, fine I'll see it. And like 30 minutes into it I was like, oh God, is this going to get better? And it never really did. The whole thing was just ridiculous.



I was disappointed D:

I really wish I liked it and I tried really hard to like it and be opened minded but no :(

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liked it...tho all them humans & aliens going "kablooey" all over the screen was a bit much for my taste.


my friend & i also found it amusing that all the aliens' weapons looked like they're from the PC game Half-Life. esp the Tesla Gun. & then there's that Mechwarrior battle suit he got into. :sneaky:


tho Wikus' transformation seemed pretty familiar...i.e. The Fly. pretty much in a similar vein to the remake with Jeff Goldblum. 'cept i didn't freak out with District 9 half as much as with The Fly even tho there were some pretty "ewww" scenes the more he changed.


& i think the ending SO leaves the movie open to a sequel tho. cos i sure as hell want to know what happens when Christopher Johnson finally returns in 3yrs' time. :P

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