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Chris Martin on 60 minutes tonight.


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Andy Rooney is a regular installment on 60 Minutes, he offers weird esoteric peices that many people like, including me, so just shush. :angry:


Nice interview. I'm glad I got to see it on tv. Chris is very endearing in it.


My dad was watching too, he's a huge fan of Chris' overused lines about snorting cocaine off the backs of hookers and stuff. He lol'd several times.

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Andy Rooney has been around so long (since '78) he pretty much has tenure. They let him ramble on about whatever he feels like. ;)


edit: and just so it's clear I think it's awesome and hope he rambles for another ten years. :D

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Guest LiquidSky
:o Hey Jbabe haha


How are things?


Jbaby! :hug:


How are you?! I'm good!!!:D You've been posting? haha..

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