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Viva la Vida!!!


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Hey everyone!

I'm Katja from Germany ^^.

In Düsseldorf I met some very nice forum members, so I decided to register me here...

And now, HERE I AM! xD


No to my person.

How I've already said, I'm Katja.

I'm from Germany and 18years old.

I live near Lake Constance and I have a lot of hobbies.

So, if you have any questions...let me know them ;)


Have a nice and wonderful day!


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Do I know you? I can't seem to remember... Well, maybe I'm mistaken. :P :lol:

Anyways... Nice that you find the way to our "little" boards all on your own, I know you're a big girl. ;) :laugh3:

Have a nice time on here! :hug:

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Hallo katja! Ich heisse auch katja und war in düsseldorf!!!:)

Viel spass hier!!!:D


Haha, dass nenn ich lustig.

Nicole hat mir erzählt, dass auch eine Katja in Düsseldorf war.

Ich war dort ebenfalls.


@Ilione: Thanks xD Yeah, I'm a big girl xDD



And again, thank your for the nice reception! :D

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