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So yesterday night my roommate moved in.


And she's nice and everything from Cameroon.




It's like sickening.


I fucking sprayed like half a bottle of febreeze in here, didn't work. I can still smell it.


I had some friends over.. (who knew of the problem) and were like WOAH. They wouldn't enter the room until it was febreezed.


What the fuck. I don't want the smell in like soak into me and my clothes. Walk around smelling like BO. Jesus.


I don't know what to do. I can't just be like hey you fucking smell. How do you go about it eve nicely without offending someone.




Give me advice please.

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LOL. Oh, I feel your pain, I had two roommates in college who were weird and gross and one of them would throw her used toilet paper in the trash that should have been flushed. I finally pulled them both aside and told them that wasn't cool. I honestly don't know what to say about bad body odor. I had a friend who had a roomie like that and I think she left a really nice note.

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Honestly, you will have to say something because it's unfair to you to have to put up with that all year and it's best to just get it over with so you don't have to go on any longer dealing with it. I agree with you that going to the RA is the best choice. Maybe you could get moved to another dorm?

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oh damn it. :lol:

maybe buy a nice set of shower gel and deodorant and tell her, that she'll need to use that every morning. you should be able to do so in a nice and charming way, non?

how did you sleep last night? :wacky:


I stuck my face into my pillow which still smells fine.


Jeez. It's tamed down now because of the febreeze.




But good point Josh, I probably have to tell her. But fuck it'll be awkward. :(

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Lol yeah. Lucky me?


I keep smelling myself hoping that it hasn't sunk into me.


Also, I hope I don't become immune to it, cause that's just nasty.


Haha, somehow I doubt you will become immune to it. I'm sure it can resolved. But feel free to bitch all you want.

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