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Hello from Germany!


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Hey Guys,

My name is Max and I'm from Germany (close to Düsseldorf ;) ). I've been a real Coldplay fan for some years now but as I'm only seventeen I had no opportunities in the past to go to Coldplay concerts, until they came to Düsseldorf where they staged a real great performance and I saw them live for the first time.

Moreover I love to play Coldplay on the piano and I guess my favorite song atm is "Fix You".

I'm looking forward to have a nice time here among all those fans ;D

best wishes,


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Hallöchen Max! ;)

Great that you found the way to our board, I'm sure you'll have a great time on here! :)

I've been to the gig in Düsseldorf as well and loved every single minute of it! :cheesy:

If you want to, you can also say "hi" in the German thread, and you'll see there are loads of other fans from Germany on here, too! ;)

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