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Yet another newcomer...


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Hi everyone !


I've been lurking around for a while and today I said to myself " it's sooo much fun to read Coldplayers' messages ... why wouldn't I join ?" and I ended up here !

Let's make it short : I'm Cécile, 19 years old girl and I live in Nantes, near Brittany, France . First I apology for my approximative use of English ... I'll do my best to express myself as clearly as possible .


I've been a quiet Coldplay fan since A Rush of Blood to the Head came out (I really got into their music with Clocks) but I used to keep it for myself . It was kind of hidden .

For my 1st Coldplay concert I wanted it to be a blast, something I would never forget so I waited and waited and one day I found just what I needed : I bought tickets for the Parc des Princes show and it was worth waiting 8 months !!! I went there with my twin who wasn't exactly keen on Coldplay and is now obsessed with them (I'm trying to convince her to sign in here, I'm sure she will soon) .

Now that I'm telling people about Coldplay everywhere I go I'm like released as it's not hidden anymore and wow I'm loving it ! Yeah people go "eeeh ...?" sometimes but I don't mind .


That's my little story ... I wanted to make it short but it's getting quite long actually, I'm sorry about that . :\ .

I'm sure I'm going to have fun here, you seem so cool and welcoming ! It definitely comforted me in my choice to join you all . :)

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