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Who is the better Singer?


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People who only listen to Coldplay shouldn't be allowed to vote in this poll. I'm guessing Nordly and Hannah-Bella haven't listened to Radiohead and Muse before.


(Don't worry Hannah-Bella I still love you because of your awesome name)


Hmm, I have listened to Muse, but Coldplay still sounds better to me.

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Overall, Thom has the best voice.

Or should I say 'had' the best voice? Surely he was peaking in the Bends-era, but by God... no-one came close! Nowadays he's been singing with either a very low or a very high voice. But he never lets me down. At least not yet. But... even Thom Yorke's not perfect.


Matt has a special kinda voice. Instantly recognisable, and never off-tune. No doubt the most powerful voice here. However, it doesn't quite 'get' to me as Thom or Chris' voices do.


Chris has a great pop voice, but we all must agree he's not the world greatest singer.

He has good days, but also quite bad ones. To be honest, at times even I can sing like Chris, if I wanted to.

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