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I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing: LLL's photoblog: 19th Sep, Wembley

Long Live Life

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Singing their hearts out


Being so close to the band, you really felt the energy of 80,000 people singing along in unison and it's like a massive adrenaline rush that feeds you...


Chris bounces around all over the place like "a mad Yoga instructor" but here was one of his quieter moments (physically that is :) )....




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By 3pm the only butterflies in the stadium were those in my stomach.... along with Gizza (sp?) who says he always gets nervous in the final wait. We had our strategy for each other and we were all equally determined to get to the front...


After 7 hours the wait was over, the security guard lets down the tape and we're ushered into a pre-gate queue... in the scramble we become separated. Once at the "finishing line".... Gizza and I end up at a gate that appears closed... but after his persuasion they open it and we're in.... nearly there....


.... Once there we walk as quickly as we can and the stage is in sight. Luckily, we appear to have been the first set of gates to be opened......there is still space on the front row... Kisses Birds arrives a split second before me and keeps me my place....... we'd done it!


Is this Chris' younger cousin?




I saw this guy on Anchorman's pics and thought that he was soooo cute even that far away... :D :D :D And here, he is so close... :D :D :D



Yeah and great idea doing your own photoblog. :D Your pics are really great and comments are really funny! :P

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Viva La Vida


The moment I'd been dreading: VLV.


Not that I dislike the song: I've heard ity countless times now. Like the song itself which is both beautifully uplifting through its riff or deeply melanchony through its lyrics, it has one of two effects on me: beautifully uplifting or makes me very sad.


Whilst I understand the meaning of the song, certain words and phrases and too close for comfort for someone I loved very much but lost and the song became synonmous with my grieving.


At the last concert, in a darkened corner of the 02, I wept as it played. Horrified at a similar prospect within sight of the band and cameras, I decided I would not sing-along with this one but concentrate on taking pictures to avoid this happening.


The strategy worked, but what with everyone around me (rightly) jumping up and down for all they're worth, very few came out unblurred with my slow shutter speeds...





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It's raining butterflies


Just loved the 2nd dose of fluroescent butterflies. One word: beautiful!


I hope that in future tours this element of this tour is retained for this song, it was an awesome effect


Lovers in Japan is my favourite track on the album, and I also loved the video clips they had playing in the background (pls can we have these as a DVD extas, as Keane have done? :) )


Wonderful song, beautifully executed. The butterflies just made it awesome. Genius.



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