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So when I saw Coldplay in May for their Viva la Vida tour, the last song the pre-concert track played was the Blue Danube (look it up if you don't know it... you'll recognize it). I think that was by FAR the best song they could have chosen to start playing immediately after it ended. It was basically "daaaa da da DAAAAA da da daaa da daaaa da dun dadadun!" then right into the viva la vida background. Amazing. Anyone else have this experience?

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It gets me so excited!!


Now whenever I hear that song, I feel like Coldplay's gonna pop out somewhere.










:dance::dance: I like this sudden flow of energy when I'm listening to that song!


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^ Ohmygawd yes that was the cutest! :cheesy:


So far the songs we got from this guy have a really good quality, I hope the full concert will be like this. I'm totally in love with the strong ponding bass sounds from the Cemetries of London file (sounds great through a big fat bass box :awesome:)




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Guest howyousawtheworld

I remember it in Glasgow well. Must have been in the arena for nearly two hours and I half expected them to come on soon, but after the moment the last note of the Blue Danube was played the whole place went pitch black and it hit me right there that I WAS about to see COLDPLAY! I actually shrieked YESSS! with so much excitement. It was unreal!

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I totally forgot about this!! Bad bad Emily! :whip:


I kinda feel like it I listen to Blue Danube and clap along, my lights will go out and Coldplay will walk into my room and start LiT!




*ahem* sorry about that...my fangirlism got the best of me :shame:

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