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So, what are we going to do now?


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The tour is finished.


The guys are going to drop off our radars for at least the next 18 months. Coldplayers, please excuse my French, what the f*ck are we going to do now?

We all have our day to day lives, naturally, but when the kids are in bed, your homework is done....what shall we talk about?


Save your negative comments about silly posts....I dont wanna hear it :kiss: I have as much right to post as you do.... When there is no daily news about coldplay...what shall we do to fill our days?!

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Noo, 18 months is too long! *prays to the Goddess of music (who I'm certain loves Coldplay as well) that we'll still get our Coldplay fixes*

Join us in the conspiracy theory thread about the new website layout, that'll give you something at least. :)

Or we could just.. I don't know... write tons and tons of fanmail, I guess. :smug:

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Most of us probably spam this board with pervy pictures of the band.


Others will spam The Lounge with useless but funny bullshit.


And some will play lots of Lounge games so they have 60.000 posts when the next album comes out.


OOOH now there's a challenge! I could be Lady Spamalot....

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I really hope people don't leave. As to what we're gonna do, I have not a clue.


I'm sure Coldplay won't leave us completely for the next 18 months.


Right?... Right? :uhoh:


I'm sure that they won't leave us for 18 months.... :nice:

I think that they will do some shows within a year or so... but of course not a world tour...

and I think they will have some surprices too within the 12 months...

but a new album... in about 18 months ;)


and therefor I think we'll still have something to talk about ;)


(I hope that I'm right and it will actually be cool if I am :happy2:)

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^Do you mean there are more bands than coldplay? Only joking! I personally do not. I love loads of music, but nothing as much as Coldplay....

same. Coldplay are just brilliant!



You got a lot of work to do then :laugh3: Good luck!


59,655 to go:D








I wish they would bring some more music out, release a song on their website every so often to keep us going.

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