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So many disasters in less than one week is overwhelming even for a large international organization such as RED CROSS, and due to the destruction of the infrastructure it is difficult to reach all those people affected by these disasters.

RED CROSS is simply overwhelmed by all these disasters in just a few days.


In Denmark on Sunday 4 October the Danish Red Cross has its annual collection. The means collected on Sunday will go to help victims of natural disasters throughout the world.


I have consulted the website of the Danish Red Cross which asks for a lot more collectors on Sunday so that it is possible to call on all Danish households in the hope of a money contribution. Therefore: Danes reading this - please spread the news of the RED CROSS collection on Sunday to your family and friends: Volunteer to help Danish Red Cross by collecting money from the Danish households on Sunday or by donating money.


And coldplayers from other countries: You can donate money to your national Red Cross organization.

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Thank you so much for posting this Nancy.


So many disasters recently, so many people needing our help...we are so privileged to have our homes, our food, warmth, and safety, when so many right now have none of them...:(

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I consulted the American Red Cross website http://www.redcross.org and found this:


How to Help Victims of Disasters:

Donate Now

Volunteer Your Time

Give Blood


International Response Fund

You can help the victims of countless crises around the world each year, crises like the recent earthquakes in Indonesia and the flooding and typhoons in the Philippines and Vietnam, by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross International Response Fund, which will provide immediate relief and long-term support through supplies, technical assistance and other support to help those in need. The American Red Cross honors donor intent. If you wish to designate your donation to a specific disaster please do so at the time of your donation by either contacting 1-800 RED CROSS or mailing your donation, with the designation, to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013.




From http://drk.dk (Dansk Røde Kors = Danish Red Cross):

Major natural disasters has this week hit Asia, and the Red Cross has facilitated.

You can also help - become a collector for the Red Cross collection on 4 October 2009 from 11 to 14 o'clock. Money from the collection will be despatched

to disaster area.


Three natural disasters in a week. Philippines, Indonesia, Samoa and Tonga are affected and thousands left without homes. You can support our relief work in disaster areas online here.

Created: 30 September 2009

By: Mille Schütte


VenuesHere you can find the venue and time of the Red Cross collection in your area. Have not signed up, you can also just find a venue near you and turn up on Sunday. Enjoy!

Created: 28 September 2009

By: Mille Schütte








Red Cross News

Red Crossers Helping Since First Minutes of Pacific Islands Tsunami

Second Earthquake Hits Indonesia, Red Cross Searches for Survivors

Red Cross Responds to Flood-ravaged Communities in Philippines and Vietnam

Red Cross Blog

Disaster Online Newsroom

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For a change I will make an appeal in rhymes:


And another message I would like to get to you

Please support the organization Red Cross, please do


The numbers of victims are increasing hour by hour

let us do everything within our power


Let us be open-minded and willing to help

in that way we are also doing good to ourselves!



This appeal is made to help the organization Red Cross which is overwhelmed by the large number of natural catastrophes that occurred in a few days. Red Cross has stated that it will help the victims in the areas struck by the recent natural catastrophes (the Philippines, Vietnam, Tonga, Samoa and Sumatra). All contributions are welcome. Help / Donate if you can. Thanks in advance.


I also remind you of the threads here in support of the Philippines - good work is done in favour of the Philippines - i.e by Ioshi, Tonsu, Ian and others. A new typhoon is expected Saturday in the Philippines. So please help / donate, if you can.

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40 minutes ago I consulted the website of RED CROSS for the latest Red Cross news:


" Red Cross Responds as Part of Global Network to Multiple Disasters in the Pacific and Southeast Asia


Red Cross Assesses Indonesia Earthquake Damage from the Air


Red Cross Assists Flooded Communities in Philippines before Stronger Typhoon Strikes. "


I hope that the new typhoon and its consequences will not hit as hard as expected. This time everyone is on the alert, but the typhoon expected is said to be worse that the last one!


My thoughts and my heart go to these affected by these natural catastrophes.


Please help / donate if you can. Thanks.



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Thanks Nancy, if everyone just called their Red Cross office in their towns they can find out what to do to help. I donate blood. Thanks Nancy, you are a very special, thoughtful, caring person:kiss:


Thanks Tracey for your kind words.


I am pleased to read about your contribution: You donate blood which is a very good thing.


And you're right: Call your local Red Cross Office for info about what to do to help in the best way.


Tracey, THANKS and have a nice week-end.


On Sunday I have volunteered to collect money for Danish Red Cross. The money will go to the victims of the various natural disasters during the last few days.

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Help Red Cross help victims of natural disasters!


Latest news from Danish Red Cross's website: http://drk.dk/


Villages devastated by Padang - Wednesday's devastating earthquake in Padang in Indonesia has placed several villages deserted. Many are almost completely destroyed - 80 percent of the houses are either totally razed or will never be habitable again.

Created: 3 October 2009 by: Hans Beck Gregersen


From the American Red Cross's website:


Red Cross Assists Flooded Communities in Philippines before Stronger Typhoon Strikes Friday, October 02, 2009

While Typhoon Ketsana ravaged the Philippines last week, dropping more than one month’s worth of rain in less than 12 hours, residents are now bracing for the impact of Typhoon Parma on Saturday. In the midst of widespread flooding that has killed hundreds of people, the American Red Cross and its sister Red Cross societies around the world are working to meet local needs.

The approaching storm compounds problems faced by local communities. Of the estimated 2.5 million people that were affected by the first storm, over 500,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes. Local evacuation centers are crowded and temporary shelter facilities are struggling to provide sanitary water for every resident.

“We are contributing at least $70,000 in relief supplies, such as blankets, tarps, and insecticide-treated bednets to prevent malaria” said Alex Mahoney, disaster manager for Asia for the American Red Cross. “An American Red Cross shelter specialist is also en route. As Typhoon Parma approaches, we are in touch with responders throughout the region and are ready to provide more support if needed.”

The American Red Cross supplies are pre-positioned in Kuala Lumpur, and will meet the needs of an estimated 5,000 families.

Meanwhile, Philippine National Red Cross volunteers and staff have been active since before the typhoon, giving early warnings and evacuating residents. They have rescued 900 families to date and are pre-positioning supplies for the next storm.

Typhoon Parma could develop into a super typhoon by tomorrow with sustained winds of 150 miles per hour. This is more than twice as strong as Typhoon Ketsana, which put much of the capital city Manila underwater. Last week’s storm was the worst that Manila has faced in over forty years.

While flood waters have already receded in many areas, there has been a significant loss of life, property, agriculture and infrastructure.


YOU can help the victims of countless crises around the world each year by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross International Response Fund, which will provide immediate relief and long-term support through supplies, technical assistance and other support to help those in need.


DONATIONS to the International Response Fund can be sent to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013 or made by phone at 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish) or online at http://www.redcross.org.


Red Cross Responds to Flood-ravaged Communities in Philippines and Vietnam

The Philippines Red Cross is performing search and rescue activities, operating shelters, serving hot meals, delivering blankets and other relief supplies to people affected by the storm.

Source / link:


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Originally Posted by inengsol1500;3520747

great news:


the typhoon (Pepeng) is now moving away from the Philippines (might exit by tomorrow), and the new typhoon (still unnamed) may not enter the country's area of responsibility. prayers have been answered. hopefully, relief/rescue operations for those who have been gravely affected by typhoon Ondoy can already resume a.s.a.p. :crossing-fingers:


thank you so much for the support. it is greatly appreciated. god, i want to hug you all right now! Thank you so much. "



That was indeed great news from the Philippines. I cross fingers and hope the best for the areas and people affected by the natural disasters.


Now I hope that the Danish Red Cross's collection today Sunday, 4 October 2009 is going to yield a good result as the collected money will go to the victims of the natural disasters in the Philippines, Vietnam, the Samoa islands and Tonga. I know that the volunteers (me included) will do our best to ensure a good result.

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Help Red Cross help the victims of natural disasters


Latest from Ioshi (posted 3 October 2009):


'...the typhoon changed its path, it didn't hit the same are as Ketsana but the northern part of Luzon is experiencing very strong winds, uprooting the trees and destroying houses, especially in Tuguegarao.'


It was nice to hear from Ioshi - and positive news, all things considered.


In Denmark, where Danish Red Cross's collection takes place today, it is really windy, almost storm - and there are frequent squalls with heavy rain and wind. But the sun is shining between the heavy showers, and the shops are open so there should be a good chance of a good result. :)


I hope for a good result of today's Red Cross collection because there are so many victims of all these natural disasters / catastrophes in just a few days.

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Thanks Ioshi - it is so nice that you are back - safe. You are doing such a good work - I consider you an ornament to your country / the Philippines.


I have received a SMS from Mr Anders Ladekarl, the Secretary General of Danish Red Cross, with the result of Danish Red Cross's collection 2009:


"With a total profit of 16.5 million Danish kroner you have helped to give hope to vulnerable and disadvantaged at home and abroad. Thanks for that.


Tomorrow morning, we will send money to the victims of the current disasters in Asia.

Thank you for your efforts! We hope to see you again next year.

Many greetings

Anders Ladekarl

Secretary General, Danish Red Cross


Here is a translation of Danish Red Cross's website:


Money from Danish Red Cross's big collection 2009 goes to victims of disasters around the world - and to help vulnerable people in Denmark.

Responsible for this page: Hans Beck Gregersen. Created on 4th October 2009


In the week up to the collection on 4 October 2009, Asia was hit by three major natural disasters.


Three disasters in one week:

1) A typhoon ravaged the Philippines and Vietnam with major flooding.

2) A tsunami rushed over the Samoa and Tonga islands and leveled entire towns with the ground.

3) Two earthquakes struck Sumatra in Indonesia and buried thousands of people under collapsed buildings.


"Although we already have sent 1.5 million Danish Kroner, we will also need money from the collection to help people back on their feet after the disasters in Asia. We are therefore extremely pleased that, today so many people chose to defy the wind and collect money in favour of Danish Red Cross's work," says Secretary General Anders Ladekarl.


Help for lone refugee children in Denmark

Part of the money from the collection also goes to the great work - done by the Danish Red Cross's more than 20,000 volunteers - with vulnerable people in Denmark. At present many refugee children come to Denmark without their families. Some of the children - most of them from Afghanistan - will obtain a residence permit. But often they are completely alone in a foreign country far away from their parents and need support in terms of adults and families to help them start a meaningful life in Denmark.


270,000 trapped in squalid conditions in Sri Lanka

This year's collection also supports the 270,000 Tamils trapped in primitive camps in Sri Lanka. After the Tamil Tigers lost a protracted civil war in the spring, the government interned 270,000 Tamils in large, squalid camps, where 170 people have to share one latrine.

The government of Sri Lanka denies journalists access to the large camps thus cutting these camps off from the outside world. Therefore, people in these camps suffer in silence.


West Africa is under water

Finally, money from the collection goes to help the roughly 600,000 people who suffer from severe flooding in western Africa. There is virtually no focus on these people's fate, but the Danish Red Cross has sent relief workers to the area and helps with both emergency and long-term health projects.



I had a nice day collecting money for Danish Red Cross. Most people were nice and willing to contribute to Danish Red Cross's relief work in favour of the many victims of the natural disasters. And the result of the collection - 16.5 mio. DKK was quite satisfactory.

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16.5 million kroner to the Red Cross


05-10-2009 07:21


Danes defying wind and rain to collect money in favour of the Red Cross and this organisation’s relief work. And the result is not bad. Many Danes staying at home to enjoy their Sunday gave a contribution.


"We end up with a total profit equal to 16.5 million Danish Kroner - and that is slightly better than last year's result. We are incredibly happy in the light of the economic crisis," says Secretary General Anders Ladekarl in a statement.


"The Danes have shown that they have the energy to help others. With today's performance we can bring hope and help to people needing a hand to get on with their lives," says Anders Ladekarl.


Money from the Sunday collection goes to the Red Cross's major international relief work - and work among vulnerable categories of people in Denmark.


/ Ritzau /


http://borsen.dk/nyhed/167170/newsfeeds_rss/ :)



Re: Red Cross's major international relief work - the Secretary General i talking about relief work in the areas affected by the typhoon (such as the Philippines and Vietnam), by the tsunami (Tonga and the Samoa islands) and earthquakes (mainly Sumatra that was hit twice in a few days).

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Help Red Cross help victims of natural disasters


I was able to find some news on the Red Cross, Philippines' website.


And more news from the Danish news media (haven't got the link) dated 3/10-09:


Typhoon "Parma" devastates the Philippines

After a week of floods and violent destruction a new typhoon built up in the Philippines. Last week 288 people from the Philippines died after the typhoon "Ketsana" hit the country.

Now another typhoon named "Parma" hits the northern part of the country.

Parma has toppled trees and electricity pylons, but according to the news agency AP as yet there has been no reports of casualties. "Parma" has in particular hit the northern province of Cagayan.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the authorities still having the typhoon "Ketsana" in mind. "Ketsana" caused the worst floods in 40 years in the Philippines, writes the news agency AP.


Manila is still under water

Yesterday Parma changed direction and moved to the north, so that the capital Manila was only touched upon.

At several locations in Manila the water is still up in the streets at breast height.

Instead, Parma went beyond its northern regions, where a spokesman for the local authorities hopes that the devastation will not be as dramatic as last week.

"We pray that we do not have a worse outcome, but in this situation we cannot be really safe," said Bonifacio Cuarteros to the news agency AP.


"Parma" on the way to Taiwan

"Parma" brought heavy rain and winds measured at 175 km / h, says the National Weather Service. They warn against mudslides and floods in the northern part of the country.

The storm is now heading towards Taiwan, where the authorities have begun to evacuate people in the southern part of the country.

Last week 1500 died in Southeast Asia, where earthquakes have hit Indonesia and the typhoon" Ketsana" hit the Philippines and Vietnam.


Other news items:


80 percent of Manila under water


New typhoon affects the Philippines

Posted by: admin: Category: Asia, environment

After the typhoon "Ketsana" aka. "Ondoy" last week hit the Philippines, this area is now hit again. This time it's a "super" typhoon called "Parma" (or "Pepeng"). Now, however, the government issues warnings all the time. Not like last week, when there was no warning of the typhoon "Ketsana" which made thousands homeless and killed about 300 people. Many persons are still in rescue centres, and there has been no school this whole week. Parma, however, hits the north of Manila. This means that the Capital gets off "lightly" this time, but the northern part of the Philippines has been hit hard.


Related posts:

Typhoon ravaging Asia - For the last 2 weeks the typhoon "Morakot" has ravaged the Philippines

Earthquake affects Indonesia - A 6.9 earthquake hit western Indonesia at 08:52 pm local time

Tsunami affects Samoa - An 8.0 earthquake struck Samoa yesterday and shortly after was

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An update of the situation in the Philippines:


News from the PNRC = Philippine National Red Cross


Link = http://www.redcross.org.ph/Site/PNRC/Home.aspx?ID=I,1469,P,-1&SS=P&ShowP=2


October 06, 2009:

Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Chairman Senator Richard Gordon and United States Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney today will extend help to the victims of typhoon Ondoy in Biñan, Laguna. Around 1,000 families evacuated in Barangay Casili covered court will receive food items such as rice, noodles and canned goods and non-food items such as clothes and blankets. “We chose Laguna this time since many families, especially those who live near Laguna De Bay, were badly affected by the onslaught brought by typhoon Ondoy. We will start to give relief goods in Biñan, Laguna since large number of families were evacuated here,” said Gordon..


Gordon and Kenney also intend to conduct ocular survey and assessment of flooded areas in Laguna to evaluate other needs of affected communities with regard to post-disaster recovery. ”We will also visit other areas in order for us to assess the major needs of the communities affected. And based on our assessment, we will come up with appropriate actions to help communities in Laguna which are greatly affected,” said Gordon.


Meanwhile, Gordon extended his gratitude to the support of the U.S. government through Ambassador Kenney to help thousands of families affected by Ondoy. I am very elated that Ambassador Kristie Kenney is one with the PNRC through out this crisis. I believe that this will be the start of a lasting partnership between U.S. and PNRC to help us live up to our mission to alleviate human suffering,” he said.


As of October 5, PNRC Operation Center accounted more than 15,600 families were housed in different evacuation centers in Laguna. 7,023 families were in 11 evacuation centers in Biñan Laguna.


Meanwhile, PNRC San Pablo City Laguna Chapter conducted medical mission in Barangay Cuyab San Pedro, Laguna in collaboration with its donor agency together with the volunteers.


Majority of families affected by Typhoon Ondoy in Laguna is still in the evacuation centers. There is an increasing number of evacuees in some evacuation centers and some diseases like flu, cough and diarrhea were already arising.


October 05, 2009

Social workers from the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Social Services department conducted psychosocial support to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Metro Manila to avoid post-traumatic disorder triggered by their experience.


October 05, 2009

The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Community Health and Nursing Services takes the lead in promoting proper hygiene and health education on evacuation centers in Rizal, Quezon City and Taguig where diseases are most likely to spread easily.


October 04, 2009

Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) chapter and other areas affected by typhoon Ondoy are now giving relief, conducting feeding program and assessing the needs of Filipinos hit by typhoon Ondoy in different evacuation centers.


September 30, 2009

The Philippine National Red Cross mobilized today hundreds of its 143 volunteers to meet the needs of thousands of people who were affected of the flooding in some areas in Metro Manila caused by Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana).


September 28, 2009

The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) is now continuously receiving cash and in-kind donations from good-hearted Filipinos and socially-responsible corporations and organizations to help families affected by tropical storm “Ondoy”, the PNRC Operation Center reported.


September 28, 2009

Staff and volunteers of the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Metro Manila chapters are now in full swing in assisting affected families due to typhoon Ondoy which hit Central Luzon.


September 27, 2009

Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Chairman Senator Richard sent eighteen (18) rubber boats and one (1) aluminum boat to the affected areas in Manila, the PNRC Operation Center reported.


September 26, 2009

The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) today deployed three (3) Water Search and Rescue (WASAR) Teams to rescue the stranded commuters and affected families due to heavy rains caused by tropical storm Ondoy, the PNRC Operation Center reported.


September 26, 2009

Tropical Storm “Ondoy” has accelerated further as it moves closer to Central Luzon with maximum sustained winds of 85 kilometers per hour near center and gustiness of up to 100 kilometer per hour, the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Operation Center reported.

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News from AMERICAN Red Cross:

American Samoa: Eyewitness Report - October 6, 2009

Monday, Oct. 5, 2009 11:45 p.m. EDT


American Samoa: “You’re talking long term….”

Almost a week after the tsunami destroyed or damaged the homes of at least 2,000 families in American Samoa, workers from the American Red Cross are going from village to village to assist people who may be without housing for months and without electricity for a year or more.

“We’re dealing with 70 villages that were affected, some more heavily damaged than others,” Riester said. “We are sending our people out to those villages in whatever vehicle we have available, from buses to cars.

“Today, we were able to reach two villages—one small, one larger. In the small village, we addressed the needs of a two families with a total of 10 people. In the larger village, we helped 15 families with a total of 77 people.”

The tents may be in use for some time: Riester said that damaged or destroyed homes may take “months” to replace or repair and that electricity, which is out on half of American Samoa, may require generator assistance for as much as 12 to 24 months.

“You’re talking long term that people here will need assistance,” she said.

Riester, who is based in San Diego, is one of 70 American Red Cross workers who are in American Samoa to assist the Red Cross chapter and its 125-plus volunteers on the island.



News from AMERICAN Red Cross's website:


Current Relief Operations:

Pacific Islands Tsunami

International Response Efforts

Southeast Floods

Swine Flu/H1N1


Red Cross News

Prevent A Big Disaster Threat-House Fires (USA related)

Jumpstart to Recovery Kits en Route to American Samoa (SAMOA)

Red Cross Chief Nurse Advises Getting H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Vaccines

Red Cross Blog (volunteers reporting the relief efforts etc.)

Disaster Online Newsroom (news in short form)


http://newsroom.redcross.org/ Seen Tuesday, 6 October 2009 at 20:30 Danish time = 19:30 UK time


Disaster Alert: Typhoon Parma (October 6, 2009)


Just days after a massive typhoon flooded Manila, another brought extreme winds to a rural fishing village in the north over the weekend, affecting at least 152,000 people According to government officials (as of Oct. 6), 17 people have died

Philippine National Red Cross volunteers are providing shelter for 50,100 people in 232 evacuation centers


International Update: Samoa: Fast Facts - October 6, 2009


At least 10,000 people are believed to have been affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that rolled upon shore in Samoa last week


According to government officials (as of Oct. 6):

137 people have died, 8 people are missing, 310 people are injured, 380,000 houses are damaged or destroyed and 2,000 people are displaced!


More than 200 Samoa Red Cross volunteers are distributing:

water, clothing, blankets, water containers, bags of rice and boxes of noodles, lanterns, cooking sets and building supplies.

Others are helping to reconnect separated families and promote disease prevention

To date, the Samoa Red Cross Society has assisted more than 3,500 people with tracing services

The Red Cross is actively sharing information about hand washing, food handling and boiling water to ward off diseases and infections that are common after disasters

The American Red Cross has contributed an initial $100,000 to support the international response



At least 800 people are believed to have been affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck this Pacific island nation.


According to government officials (as of Oct. 5):

9 people have died, 78 houses are destroyed, 56 houses are partially damaged!

Tonga Red Cross Society employees have distributed blankets, cooking sets, lanterns, plastic buckets, tarps and water containers to those in need!

Additionally, volunteers are providing emotional support to the traumatized survivors.



Latest News from drk.dk = Danish Red Cross on 6 October 2009:


Four million dollars for earthquake victims


Danish Red Cross has just received four million kroner from DANIDA to the earthquake victims in Indonesia.

Edited: 6 October 2009 by: Julie Lorenzen


Thousands of people homeless on the Indonesian island of Sumatra last week after two major earthquakes - that is why the Danish Red Cross just received money corresponding to four million Danish kroner from DANIDA for the massive reconstruction work.

Responsible for page: Julie Lorenzen. Edited on 6 October 2009.


Up to 179,000 Indonesian families are without shelter after two devastating earthquakes that struck Sumatra last week. In some villages up to 80 percent of the houses razed to the ground.


Living in collapsed houses

"Some victims live with families outside the affected areas, other victims live with neighbors who still have a house. And many people live in the ruins of the collapsed houses. We are still trying to get an overview of the extent of damage, but it is difficult, because the affected area is relatively big, "says Peter Damm, who is the Red Cross' country manager in Indonesia.


Four million dollars from Danida

Danish Red Cross has just received four million dollars from DANIDA for reconstruction work. The money will go to help the many concerned with the construction of temporary houses. Aid is inter alia in the form of tools and corrugated iron.


Looking for dead

Indonesia is frequently hit by earthquakes, but last week's two earthquakes belong to the severe category.


"It is chaotic right now. The authorities are about to give up finding more survivors, but there are still many dead to be found. It is rather unusual with two earthquakes at a time, I think the figures speak for themselves: 179,000 houses have been smashed, "said emergency manager in the Danish Red Cross, Birgitte Ebbesen Bishoff.


Only the tip of the iceberg

According to the Indonesian authorities, 603 people have lost their lives, a few thousands are wounded, and 343 are reported missing. But the Red Cross estimates that it is just the tip of the iceberg and that the real figures are higher.


International Red Cross has issued an appeal for over 88 million dollars.


What Danish Red Cross is doing to help:

Danish Red Cross has sent one million dollars to Sumatra. A large part of the money is going to set up 50 large tents to serve as temporary schools. 241 schools were so damaged during the earthquakes that they can no longer be used.

In addition, the Danish Red Cross received the equivalent of 300,000 Danish Kroner from the Danish embassy in Indonesia. The money is spent on the purchase of 2,000 blankets, 2,000 sarongs, 2,000 hygiene kits and 600 tarpaulins.


More updates when available.

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Help Red Cross help victims of natural disasters


The typhoon "Parma" ravaged Taiwan on Monday and Tuesday. Rescuers are evacuating people from areas flooded as a consequence of the typhoon. 6,582 people have been rescued from flooded villages. "Parma" is not quite as windy as it was before it hit Taiwan and ravaged the Northern part of the Philippines where 16 human lives were taken by Parma.


Now the typhoon Melor is on its way to Japan with winds of more than 250 km per hour.

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Help Red Cross Help Victims of Natural Disasters


News update from Swedish Text TV: Sumatra: 4 towns in the Padang area are mass graves. At least 400 people are buried in connection with the earthquake. At least 3,000 people are presumed killed - and 704 have been found dead.


News from Danish Text TV: Tremendous typhoon is on the way to Japan and is expected to hit Japan on Thursday. It is named Melor and is expected to be the worst typhoon in Japan within the last 10 years.

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UNICEF Denmark collects money in favour of children affected by natural disasters in Asia


02-10-2009 -- UNICEF Denmark has launched an emergency collection of money in favour of children in South-East Asia hard hit by a series of natural disasters.

Earthquake in Sumatra, the tsunami in the Pacific islands of Samoa and Tonga, typhoon in the Philippines and other Asian countries. Currently, Southeast Asia is unusually hard hit by a series of natural disasters that have hit the region within a few days.


More than a thousand killed in the desperate situation

More than a thousand people have been killed and the number of deaths is feared to rise sharply in coming days. The situation is desperate, and hundreds of thousands of children need emergency aid.


Emergency assistance is dispatched from Copenhagen

UNICEF is fully engaged in relief work in all the countries concerned. Emergency aid is distributed from local stores. The first shipment of water purification tablets have already been sent off by plane from UNICEF World Warehouse in Copenhagen.



Help for victims of flooding in the Philippines


29-09-2009 - The devastation in the Philippines after the tropical storm Ketsana is enormous. Many thousands of children and families are on the run. UNICEF has started distributing emergency and continues its efforts and work in the coming days.

Assistance was out within 24 hours

Less than 24 hours after the tropical storm hit the capital Manila on 25 September, UNICEF was ready with both food and other relief to those affected. At the same time UNICEF helps the Social and Development Ministry provide temporary shelter to the many who have been forced to flee their homes.

More than one million affected by floods

As the tropical storm hit, the equivalent of one month's rain fell in just 12 hours. This has resulted in large parts of Manila being flooded, and more than one million people are affected by the aftermath of the storm. 226,000 people have fled their homes and are now seeking refuge in 200 evacuation centers. 24 provinces in the country are affected.

Shocking devastation

UNICEF's chief in the Philippines, Vanessa Tobin, has been around the capital in person to look at the devastation: "I am shocked at the degree of damage in different areas, but I am also impressed with the cooperation and generosity, which manifests itself in the city . Many have opened their homes for some of their affected country men, "says Tobin.


More help on the way

Vanessa Tobin said that UNICEF is already on its way with more help: "Over the next 48 hours we will, among other things distribute water purification tablets and equipment to ensure clean water and packets of the most necessary medical equipment. At the same time, we will distribute family kits containing, inter alia, blankets and soap. We will also assist the government and other organizations in seuring, that their help reaches the right people. " said Vanessa Tobin.


New storms expected

UNICEF is concerned for the future. The number of dead is expected to rise, and we know from experience that children and families will suffer a major health risk after flooding, when many refugees are assembled in small areas without clean water. Meanwhile, two new tropical storms are on the way to the Philippines. They are expected to hit the country Thursday and Friday.

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Help Red Cross Help Victims of Natural Disasters


Latest news from Danish Red Cross

Four million dollars for earthquake victims Danish Red Cross has just received four million dollars from DANIDA to earthquake victims in Indonesia. Edited 8 October 2009 by Julie Lorenzen


Male collected money for Danish Red Cross

For 12 hours Kenneth Wichmann went a distance of 57 km collecting money for Danish Red Cross on Sunday. Edited 8 October 2009 by Julie Lorenzen


One can not accuse Danish Mr Kenneth Wichmann of being lazy. On Sunday 4 October, he went 57 km to collect money for Red Cross.


Edited on 8 October 2009 by Julie Lorenzen


No wonder that his legs were sore, when Kenneth Wichmann woke up Monday morning. He did not spend his Sunday on the couch, but on the Danish roads.


Walked for twelve hours

Kenneth Wichmann and his collegua Jan Christiansen walked from his home to his sister's house to collect money for the Danish Red Cross - it took a good 12 hours to walk the 57 kilometer. And it hurt the next day.

"It is the first time I have gone so far and I have very sore legs today (Monday Ed.)," the 42-year-old store assistant said with a grin.


Inspired by a TV program

A television program inspired Kenneth Wichmann to undertake the long walk: Overweight citizens are working on losing those extra pounds by walking many kilometers.

"I thought that if they can do it, then I can too. It was a few days before the Red Cross collection, and my wife said, why not collect money at the same time?


Well received

So Kenneth Wichmann did exactly that, and it was a really good experience.

"People were very positive about the idea, and I think they gave a little extra, because we went so far. We kept spirits high all the way - every time people gave us a contribution, we were quite "high" and got a new motivation to go further, "he says, adding that the total amount collected amounted to around DKK 1800.


Collected money on his birthday

The trip ended with a well-earned rest with coffee and cake at Kenneth Wichmann's sister. "We celebrated it with a bottle of champagne. The icing on the cake was that Jan had birthday - he is now 41 years old, "he says.

Ready to repeat the achievement another time

Kenneth Wichmann might do it again.

"A little crazy is what I am. And if you can do something good for others with such a crazy idea, then I go for it."


News from the Danish TV2 Text TV: The island / state Vanuata was hit by 3 major earthquakes reaching 7.8, 7.7 and 7.1 on the Richter scale. A tsunamy in the Pacific was expected, but later called off.


Norway's Text TV: Vanuatu hit by tremendous earthquake reaching 7.3 on the Richter scale (according to US Geological Survey). Coastal areas evacuated on several Pacific islands.


TV2 Sweden: (in addition to the contents / meaning of the above): The tsunami centre on Hawaii issued warning of possible tsunami for the southwestern Pacific incl. Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, but after a few hours the tsunami alert was called off.


News from the Danish DR1 Text TV: Flooding in Japan after typhoon.

Last night a tremendous typhoon hit Japan with winds up to 150 km per hour. One man declared dead, several people wounded. Heavy rain caused rivers to overflow. Flooding. Typhoon cooled off on its way across the Northern Japan. Heavy wind will continue until tomorrow.

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Help Red Cross Help Victims of natural disasters


Update of the situation in Indonesia


Fears for new tragedies in Indonesia

08-10-2009 - The relief work after the earthquake in West Sumatra is acute due to the risk of disease outbreaks and exploitation of children.

Disease threatens to cause new tragedy

In Indonesia, the search for survivors in the ruins after the earthquake has now ceased, and UNICEF is now focusing on reducing the consequences for the children affected by the earthquake. The area is now characterized by very poor hygiene conditions and lack of clean water. There is a high risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases and a new tragedy is feared if this happens. UNICEF is working hard to prevent this right now and distributes water tanks, water pumps, water purification tablets and other equipment to ensure up to 50,000 families clean water and good hygiene.


Safety for children

The earthquake has made several children orphans, and thus they are at the risk of child labor and abuse. Many are now living with relatives and friends, and UNICEF is trying to help these children by ensuring that they do not disappear and that the proper network will be contacted.


Fear for the future

Many thousands of children have been traumatized as a consequence of what they have experienced. They now fear for the future. They fear for more earthquakes or for several buildings to collapse. UNICEF is trying to protect these children by giving them a life as soon as possible and, among other things, by ensuring that they come to school again as soon as possible.


Tents functioning as schools

Large parts of the schools in the area have been destroyed, and right now 90,000 children need help to get back to school. In Padang UNICEF is providing 250 tent schools so that children can as soon as possible resume their education and thus again have a solid and comfortable everyday life.


180,000 houses damaged

So far 603 people are confirmed dead, but many are still missing, so the figure could approach 1,000. In the earthquake zone up to 40 percent of the population is without electricity, and nearly 180,000 houses have been damaged. UNICEF's efforts continue, and in addition to work with clean water and schooling, work is to ensure proper nutrition and health care for the many affected children and their families.




I think that both the relief organizations and volunteers such as Ioshi, Pete and Joe are doing such a great job.


Help them to help the Philippines. All kind of donations - small and large - are welcome. Those affected are victims of natural disasters partly caused by the way of life in the Western world. Give them a hand as we are all part of the same world.

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More than 90 killed in mudslides / landslides


09-10-09: 06:24 | by: krja

More than 90 people have been killed by mudslides after heavy rains in the mountainous northern Philippines.

69 killed in the Benguet province when mudslides struck five different towns in the night, said provincial Governor Nestor Fongwan.

In the resort city of Baguio 17 were killed when mudslides buried entire houses,

says Peter Fianza responsible for emergency management in the town. And in the Mountain Province, Governor Maximo Dulag indicates that five people have been killed and 32 are missing.



Swedish TV4, Text TV: Many people died in landslides in the Philippines

According to local authorities, more than 90 people were killed in a series of landslides caused by heavy rains in northern Philippines. The heavy rains fell due to a tropical depression. The typhoon "Parma" stayed over northern Philippines for more than one week. More than 60% of the province Pangasinan, incl. 30 villages, are flooded. The problem is worsened because the authorities felt compelled to let out water from an embankment / a dam which "threatened" to burst.


Danish TV2 News: The Philippines now hit by mudslides after several tropical typhoons.The last typhoon named "Melor" is a category 5 typhoon and has now hit Japan, where 2,500 people have been evacuated.


A Danish meteorologist explains the pattern of typhoons: The typhoons have followed an unusual pattern this year. Most of the time a typhoon moves across water. It is not unusual for a typhoon to move across land such as in the Philippines, but it is unusual that it then changes directions and returns to the northern Philippines where it moves back and forwards so that the northern part of the Philippines has been hit by the same tropical system ("Parma") 3 - three - times! When the typhoon was over water, the typhoon was further powered / energized leading too even heavier rains and stronger winds. The heavy rains in the mountainous northern Philippines then caused mudslides and flooding. The preceding typhoon "Melor" followed the normal pattern, whereas "Parma" stayed over the northern Philippines. Mudslides have blocked roads.


Danish TV2 News Headlines: 30 villages hit by typhoon. 64 people died in Benguet province. A total of over 90 people killed in northern Philippines. More than 100 people killed in the Philippines. The floodings are the largest in the Philippines for more than 40 years. 4 enormous mudslides in the Benguet provice hit 5 different villages and buried a whole village after heavy rain. 17 killed in the holiday town Baguio due to mudslides. According to governor Maximo Dulag, 5 were killed and 32 missing in the Mountain province. Province governor Nestor Fongwan: 69 killed in Benguet province, 5 towns hit.


Danish TV Channel DR1's Text TV: Mudslides (landslides) kill more than 90 people. Rivers overflowed their banks and water reservoirs overflowed causing lower areas to be flooded. On TV pictures you can see towns and agricultural / cultured areas transformed into huges lakes. Thousands of people spent the night sitting on the roofs of their houses.

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