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Nickelback, they are successful and good for them for that, however their music doesn't change. It is all generic guitar driven songs that lack it's own identity.


You look at Coldplay and all the changes they've gone through with their sound, along with many other great bands like U2, Radiohead and say, Depeche Mode.


However, Nickelback doesn't really have that uniqueness that attracts me to them.

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i hate to bash anyones musical taste but this is the one band i truly hate with all my might. However, i will not do what the man above me did. you don't need to leave, as i'm sure you will find some other nickelback fans here.


Only if they've managed to escape from the asylum!!:P

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I don't understand the hatred toward Nickelback. The lyrics aren't deep, the hooks are predictable, and the overall sound is highly produced. But I have heard Chad Kroeger admit that they are not looking to do anything ground breaking but, instead, just want to play some rock n' roll. What's the harm in that? It's not like they are trying to trick anyone.


There is a part of me that loves cheap pop-rock. I don't want to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway on a sunny day listening to Pyramid Song. For me, there are times when I enjoy their music. Plus, I am sure they could care less whether a select audience dislikes their music. They sell millions of CDs in a time when music sales have dropped off dramatically.

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^ Haha. Well, I do understand being upset when you are held hostage. Nothing's worse than listening/watching something and all of a sudden music you hate comes on and you can't change the station in time. Or the remote control is just too far away so you endure. I get that one. But otherwise, just don't listen.


I can't believe I am spending time on a Nickelback thread.

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I think part of it too is the fact that he acts like he's the biggest rock star in the world and hasn't really done anything to make that claim legit. Sure they have sold millions of records, but I don't think its because he's a great musician or anything.

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