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What are your methods of escaping from depression?...


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Well...I've been feeling very dejected for some time:worried2:maybe that's still summer-ending syndrome, or coldplay-concert-ending? So...I need your help,guys:speechless:


Any recipe of eliminating that awful feeling? (except Coldplay, of course:PThey help, but I need smth more)

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well to be honest I couldn't listen to Radiohead as much a while back because it made me feel even sadder. but when I am not that depressed it gives me strenght actually. it's complicated.


summer-ending syndrome, or coldplay-concert-ending?


that's the causes of your 'depression'?




listen to Sufjan Stevens.

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So in what way is Radiohead "optimistic"?:confused:



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJkeVkYq8Es]YouTube - Radiohead-Optimistic[/ame]



yeah and as I said, the hope is pretty much always there





but anyway i wasn't talking about Radiohead when I said optimistic.


I don't think optimistic music/ optimism is something that's all happy-go-lucky



it's music that "sees the light at the end of the tunnel"


an optimist actually acknowledges that things are fucked up but believes in change

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Periods of feeling down because of events, changes in circumstance or just natural mood swings are a normal part of life. There are lots of little things to can do to lift for your mood, like planning something nice to look forward to in the future, maybe getting back in touch with old friends you haven't spoken to in a while. Exercise is a scientifically-proven mood lifter, as it releases endorphins ('pleasure' chemicals) in the brain.


If your low mood persists for a while and you think it's a bit more than just 'normal' down feelings, perhaps actual slight depression, then again exercise is proven to be one of the most beneficial things. There are also safe, natural supplements you can look at taking: St John's Wort, or 5-HTP, neither very expensive and both available from health shops.


Hope you feel better soon :)

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^However, clinical depression can't be solved by any of those things. Only medication will help.;)


Actually some scientific studies have shown that exercise IS AS EFFECTIVE as anti-depressants in some patients with clinical depression, but that is not what this thread is about.

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yes and some meds kill your feelings. I can't feel really low but you can't feel really high either. Some meds make you feel pretty happy and you don't realize that you really aren't that happy after all. and if you don't take your meds.. little electric shocks in your brain and other fun stuff. nice

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