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Dude, Coldplay.


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The wolf parody would have me in stitches if you did it right. :thumbsup:


Actually, same with the girly fangirly girl story. But there's a lot moar parody material for laem wolf stories from a quick comparison of this website and fanfiction.net.


edit: I totally want to read this, incidentally, you better make a thread about it when you're done or something.

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Well, there's interest, so I'll edit it a bit afterwards and post it for all to read :wacko:


But I have a sneaking suspicion someone's being really lame and up-voting the fangirl parody just because, since it's always been two votes ahead of the next winning entry. If it stays like that I'm seriously considering ignoring such a rigged poll and choosing whatever is next :lol:

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