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Has anyone here heard Pilate? They are from the Toronto-area I believe, and if anyone listens to the http://edge.ca/, you might have heard the single 'Into Your Hideout'.... Their album is out on September 23rd, and they're also doing an album release gig @ the Horseshoe in Toronto, if anyone in the area is curious to check them out!


Their going to be re-doing the site very soon, but as of now they have a few mp3's up on the site (http://www.pilate.com).


Please post thoughts on the songs, or if you've heard the single! I figured I would make a thread for them here since they have a Brit-sound to them, and they're very good :)

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they were in hamilton last friday but i didn't have anyone to go with, and its exam time so i haven't left the house that much.


BUT pilate and the stills are opening for david usher, i think, friday december 12th in toronto but i can't go because i am still in hamilton cos of exams.


you should listen to the stills laura! they are really good. http://www.thestills.net




the lead singer went to unionville high school! and then to western university :)

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I'm not sure if any of you are Canadian or not, but there's a band out of Toronto called Pilate, and their sound is very similar to Coldplay's. Their new album is great, and you should all check them out. Their website is pretty cool too. The lead singer of the band sings a lot like Chris, he has a great voice, check out the songs "Into your hideout" and "alright" if you wanna hear a sampling of the band.

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their is a underground radio station here that plays some of their stuff :)

I've heard 'collide' which sounds a little like sigur ros and then I heard 'into your hideout' which is alot more upbeat that 'collide'

But I like what I've heard of them :D

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Yes, I'm hooked! I heard "Into Your Hideout" 2 weeks ago, listened to a couple more songs via their webiste and had to buy the cd last Friday! At first, I thought they were from the UK... they've got that, you know, "UK sound".


'Alright' is another great track, and yes, the lead singer has a superb voice! Am I the only one who thinks the bridge to "Into Your Hideout" has definite Radiohead influences?


I'm planning on seeing them next month... looking forward to it.




Thanks for starting the thread, ice smk... I shoulda done it last week, but I got busy and then forgot about it.



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I've been hearing "into your hideout" alot lately and I'm really starting to like it. I've found a few others songs and they're pretty good. And they definitely remind me more of radiohead then coldplay. good stuff though!! :D

I'm actually really surprised they're Canadian, like talkshowhost said, they really do have that "UK sound"

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