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25 Questions

Black Rose

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Right, who wants to play a little game I borr...stolen from another forum.


Basically someone volunteers themselves, and other users ask them random questions, 25 questions in total with say a max of 3 questions per user. The volunteer has the right not to answer the questions if the question itself is unsuitable :)


1 - Someone volunteers

2 - Other people ask that volunteer questions, can be about anything

3 - The volunteer answers the questions if they are suitable to being answered

4 - Someone else volunteers

5- See step 2 etc etc :)


Could be a way for us to get to know each other a bit better,


So anybody want to step upto the plate?

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1. what is your favourite sport (to practice)?




2. What made you laugh the hardest in your entire life?


I couldn't name any single moment...but here's something hilarious!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVZyWOjJHIE]YouTube- The Killers Skit On Jimmy Kimmel[/ame]

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6. What's your favorite animal?




1) Boxer or brief? Why?

2) Most embarassing moment this year?

3) What ticks you off the most?


1) Boxer-Briefs. You've gotta have support, but it can't be too tight.

2) Uhhhhhhh I have no idea to be honest.

3) People who listen to music just because it's popular. :angry:

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10) If you won the £45 Million in last night's EuroMillions, what would you have done?


I'd quit school, fly around the world seeing my favorite bands, buy a nice house in England or Ireland or Monaco or Brazil, buy a sweet car, buy lots of guitars and a grand piano, buy a recording studio, and then invest what's left.

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11) If you could kill off any member of Radiohead, who would it be?


Ed I think...he seems to be the least important...the band would probably be done though...:uhoh:


12) favorite ice cream flavor?


Vanilla. I'm not very daring in my food choices.

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