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Congrats :D

What's that? 27/28 years.

I hope ye get far :D


I don't want Ireland to get through,

so they can shut up and realise that they're bad. >.<

they've been so cocky for the past few weeks and saying they'll beat France.

I don't know, maybe they but..



I should follow NZ :D


Follow them where? To SA?:stunned:

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Just gennerally support them, :D

i don't care if i'm going to support a team that may not get the farthest,

Aslong as they are not as cocky as ireland :P


Robbie Keane is pretty cocky, for sure............................. :rolleyes:

That's hardly a surprise, though, seeing as he plays for Spuds!!:lol:

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These "experts" were on the radio the other morning,


" well france has better players and more football superstars, but we work well as a team which they don't have. We won games back in The world cup in Korea and i think we can beat france - 2 - 0 , possibly? "


korea back years ago with a different team!

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For the first time since 1982! We just won our qualifier 1-0!
:uhoh: Your drought is as old as I am.


Congratz! :D


Honestly, the may win at least one game in the world cup. They'll be gone soon after the first game anyway..
Then I shall have to make a point to catch their first game. :smug:


Whatever happens, I hope they do well. :nice:


Now please pray for France, I so feel like they won't even be there ^^
A world cup without France? :wtf: Unthinkable.


Yay France won !! We'll maybe be in SA haha :D
See? :P;)
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Haha we can't be sure, they're really weren't that good these last years !


You won the first leg or the second?

First leg ! We have to win the second, or at least not lose it :P


ohh that's cool! :D


good luck! (except if they have to play against Chile :evil:)

We'll see, we'll see :evil:

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