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ENGLAND PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest LiquidSky
Vinita! You don't come to the board very often anymore..... :angry:
that's because i have her in my closet.


i'm keeping her as my slave and she has no internet privaleges



Damn You! Release her from your evil spell! :D :angry: :/ :cry:

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if you didnt see what i put before i'll put it again

because i noticed i started another page.


i said vinita might not be here because she's usually at the official cp board or at the interpol board.



if you did see me put that then nevermind :blush:

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rent a car and drive on the left side of the road...we did...my brother drove and it was scary yet fun!


Like my sis said...don't shop on the weekend cause there are a LOT of people...didn't have enought time to shop in a day


take a lot of pictures! Have fun! Wish I could be there, there are some tickets to London going for real cheap prices now!

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